Extreme Coed Cocksucker Fanta Flesh Stroker

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SKU: PD-RD424 | UPC: 603912751895 | MPN: RD424 (14)

SKU: PD-RD424 | UPC: 603912751895 | MPN: RD424 (14)

Pop 'er in a pocket, stow her in the glove box or smuggle in a suitcase- this eager bj-loving stroker will be by your side (and around your cock) whenever and wherever the mood should strike.

Flashing soft little lips and tongue outside and massively stimulating texture in, the petite Coed Cocksucker offers an ultra snug grip even without added squeeze. That said, you can grab her as tight as you want to take full advantage of innards designed to feel just like oral. A close ended shape naturally builds up suction with every thrust and contains the aftermath of the big finish.

In super-soft Fanta Flesh, the Cocksucker clings and releases just like the real thing. Slather lots of lube inside for tons of slipperiness- the smooth glide will only enhance the feel of tons of inner ribs. Clean well before and after use with lots of warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Fanta Flesh's TPE construction is ready to rock and/or roll with any favorite water based lube.
  • Orifice: Mouth
  • Length: 5"
  • Special Features: Closed End, Realistic
Based On 2 Reviews
Extreme Coed Cocksucker Fanta Flesh Stroker


Had him going within minutes

Extreme Coed Cocksucker Fanta Flesh Stroker

this thing loves my cum

for a fleshlight this one makes me cum hard as can be i moan in pleasure it holds whtat doesnt over flow so you can use your cum for lube or dinkk it also its perfect for portability i use this one driving and at friends houses under bkankets behind bent over girls ect

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