10 Function Little Black Panty Thong

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Love it

Made a boring movie very enjoyable


Super hot product for date night!

Would recommend to anyone looking to spice things up!



Gave the remote to my boyfriend and had a great time. He said of was the hottest thing anyone ever did to him

Product description

A classy, discreet, ultra exciting way to add some excitement to your sex life, the Little Black Panty is a beautiful, comfortable stretch lace thong that not only looks spectacular; but also has a specially designed, curvy-shaped vibe included that fits in a special pocket in the crotch.

Once in place, the vibrator is activated by an even more discreet handheld wireless remote with over 12 feet of range; it controls an amazing 10 different functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation that are guaranteed to keep you interested.

Completely invisible under clothing, wireless and therefore incomparably discreet, the LBP adds a whole new (sexy) meaning to date night. Fits most. Vibe requires 2 AA batteries (sold separately), remote requires 1 12 V battery, which is not included. Hand wash.

SKU: CE-0088-10-3 | UPC: 716770065681 | MPN: SE-0088-10-3 (25)

SKU: CE-0088-10-3  |  UPC: 716770065681 |  MPN: SE-0088-10-3 (25)

Ratings / Reviews

We love it!!!!

Lots and lots of fun on a night out!


Push button fun!

Not the highest quality panty, but surprisingly good enough to last. This toy was an instant hit, and apparently quite comfortable too because my wife wore it for hours around the house the first time we played with it. As she went about her business I would randomly "zap" her for several seconds. She loves it! Very fun.



I bought this as a surprise for my wife to wear on a date night. She was very excited to try it especially since I had the controller. She spent over 3 hours staring at me every time I turned it on with that "ready to orgasm" look. We can't wait to use it again.



Had lots of fun with these on our date night. The wife was so excited when we got home that we barely made it in the door!


Love tgem

The wife loves these. I get home from work and she tosses me the remote and we play for hours. You know when she gives you control how the night is going to end or how the day is going to go :)



Love this gave him control and had me purring like a kitten all night.
Everytime I start to get use to vibration he'd switch it up. Very quiet and discreet. Highly recommend


4 stars but...

The vibrator itself is fantastic but when in the slot inside the thong it don't stay. It is always falling out.



I bought this for the girlfriend!! She has enjoyed it so much and has given me the pleasure on many occasions to carry the control on our outings to the mall and restaurants. Which has brought her to new levels of excitement which is taken out on my lucky self.


Great choice :)

The product is Nice :) i love it


Very good

This item works really well only issue i had with it is that it doesn't stay in place very well



I love them! The curved shape of the vibrator is just perfect and feels amazing. The panties are a little big but comfortable and very cute.
I gave the remote to my boyfriend and we had the hottest date ever :)
5 stars - Would definitely recommend!