Anal Lube 4.75oz Pump Jar in Hot Cinnamon

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best anal lube.

Have yet to find a better lube for anal, long lasting and smells great. Only complaint is sometimes the pump will stop working, have to stir the lube to get it to start working again.


Hot in many ways :)

This is an excellent lube, and spices up an otherwise normal anal encounter. It creates a wondering burning sensation in your anus for those of us that like a little discomfort with our pleasure. The burn will come and go the longer the lube is on your skin, but it comes off very easily and won't leave you in lingering pain. My man doesn't like the burning on his penis, so I've only used it on toys, but I cannot recommend it enough! A little goes a long way, both in terms of lubrication and sensation, so use sparingly!


love this

This is a great product works well and doesn't get sticky

Product description

Whether you're a beginner or expert to anal play, lots of lube is the most important part, helping eliminate friction and maximize comfort and pleasure. This spicy version features a hint of cinnamon flavor and scent.

Doc's Anal Lube features an super slippery thick texture that provides even, long-lasting coverage. A convenient pump bottle dispenses just the right amount each and every time. This Lube is oil-based, great for skin-to-skin contact but not safe for use with latex products, including latex condoms

  • Size: 4.75 oz
  • Flavor: Spices
  • Special Features: Anal Lube, Warming

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Doc Johnson
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Takes some getting used to. Nice if you like a simulated "rough" feeling. Burns a bit so take that as you will


nice product

the lube it self is nice and smells good but the pump doesn't work because it is to thick


Great Product!

This is really a great product. Does the job quite well and not sticky at all.


Feel the burn

One of my favourite lubes when you need need to prepare for a major anal exploration operation. My only issue is the pump doesn't work well half the time, requiring the lube to be stirred, or popping off the lid out of frustration and dipping in.


So spice!

Good lube, a little spicy but not uncomfortable. Pump container is always a good thing.


Cinnamon burn

It's a great feeling! Love me some tingley anal.


Doubble bladed sored

This is a great anal lube that lasted during the whole action,soft smooth and warm, there are some cautions however, cinnamon can be a very strong irritant- but its a great feeling!



Provides great lubrication and warmth to ease your anus into penetration and help you be relaxed and become the anal whore you've always wanted to be