Basix 5 Inch Smoothy in Blue

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wasn't expecting it to be so wobbly but

I totally love it, it does have a strange smell but I don't have a nose down there so I'm pretty indifferent. Its a great size and shape and its fun to stick to things, five stars for sure


new to anal

Very good for a beginner. easy to take it and very smooth


Feels great

Not to big, not to small, feels great when the wife straps it on and uses it on me!

Product description

A versatile pleasure piece befitting every toy chest collection, the Basix 5" Smoothy boasts a firm shaft with a simple straight and narrow design complete with a sturdy suction-cup base.

Its non-threatening, discreet appearance makes this a great first time toy for beginners and can also be used as a more advanced anal plug for seasoned players thanks to its wide, supportive base. The suction cup doubles as a base for strap-on play, making this toy compatible with most O-ring harnesses.

Made of non-toxic latex and phthalate-free thermoplastic rubber (TPR), this probe is suitable for all skin types and is virtually maintenance free. Simply wipe it down with a toy cleaner and a damp wash cloth before and after each use to maintain its ultra-smooth surface. Waterproof. 

  • Length: 5.5"
  • Insertable Length: 5"
  • Girth: 4" at largest point
  • Width: 1.5" at largest point
  • Materials: Jelly Rubber (TPR)
  • Special Features: Phthalate-Free, Smooth Surface, Suction Base

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Ratings / Reviews

Jelly it's jelly

Got for anal. It was a little too jelly to keep um "packing it in" (strap on anal) The size is smaller too, tho it's great for beginners for anal.


Good size

This one was only a 4-star because it has that weird rubber smell to it. Otherwise it s a great size and fits nicely into a harness and stays.


Darn near perfect

Great size as far as insertable length and diameter. Material feels good to the touch and takes lines well. So far used only out of harness. Several great experiences thus far.

There are 2 downsides we've agreed. The smell is nothing to be desired. It hasn't gone away(as past reviews have mentioned) but it isn't a turn off by any means. Maybe just hold your nose while you practice deep-throating ;)

The second issue for us has to be the diameter of the base. It just barely holds on when placed in the o-ring of our harness. We've yet to use it, but it's evident there will need to be some careful maneuvering or a hand involved to keep it steady


decent dildo for price

This is a good dildo if you are experienced in anal or if your butt is naturally capable of stretching a lot, mine was not when I tried using this. The second thing is it's rubber, so don't use it without a condom and if you do use a condom use water based lube. Also it is a pretty big dildo if you've never had one.



Let me just get the negatives out of the way. First, like a pervious comment, there is a somewhat strong scent to the toy which i can get past but the taste.. No matter how much i wash it the taste wont go away. Second, the suction base doesnt work that well and is tricky to get it to stick sometimes, at least against a wall. Third, this toy tends to make a mess on the sheets if you happen to be very wet.. Fourth, and dirt will stick to it which can be annoying at times
However, the toy is v nice to use despite all that. Moves in and out v easily, decent length/girth, and not detailed like other dildos which is a plus for me.


All pleasure.... No pain!!

This product is perfect! It's compatible with our Strapon harness, it's perfect size for beginners and it doesn't have a weird/funny smell. All in all we're extremely impressed with the quality of this product.


Very, very satisfied

This is my first ever purchase, and I am completely satisfied. It's the perfect length to feel great and not hurt at the same time. I 10/10 recommend this product!


Central Alberta Guy

Loved it! Couldn't wait to take it out of the package and have my wife put it in me. It is so smooth and easy to ride. It is a little floppy and takes a minute to get in but once in it is hard enough. Maybe could be another 1/2" longer but it is basically perfect for starters!!


Good beginner toy

As a male, having this as my first toy was pretty nice. A simple price for a simple product.

Really enjoyed it.


Good size and feel but could be longer...

The material is soft and the size is good but it's just a little short.


Very enjoyable

Very pleased with the results when using this dildo, and the texture is very pleasant as well!



At first glance, I was like OH THIS IS TOO BIG I'VE MADE A MISTAKE... But, quite the opposite. I think it's my new favourite. I took it to the shower to get kind of comfortable with it. I loved the texture, loved the colouring had a bit of a scent but nothing terrible. It's floppiness did take me a few tries to actually insert but once I got a hang of things.... 10/10, fabulous toy. Zero pain due to its softness, total pleasure.


Easy to use!

Very smooth and easy to insert. I found it a bit on the small size (length & girth), but likely a very good purchase for a newcomer to anal play!


Really good product

100% satisfied by this product very good for beginer in pegging