Hemp Seed Shower Gel 8oz/237ml in Mintastic

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SKU: EB-004922 | UPC: 879959004922 | MPN: SG098 (0)

SKU: EB-004922 | UPC: 879959004922 | MPN: SG098 (0)

Made with healthy, natural, deliciously nourishing ingredients like all Earthly Body offerings, this silky Bath & Shower Gel moisturizes, softens and enriches the skin as you bathe. The gentle, lush formula is packed with completely natural ingredients like hemp seed oil, chamomile, and wheat protein along with a mouthwatering phthalate free fragrance. 

Containing absolutely no parabens or petroleum based additives, Bath & Shower Gel is an indulgently natural choice, ideal for sensitive skin and body care purists, plus the fragrance is light and fresh, not overpowering at all.  Earthly Body products are completely cruelty free and assuredly vegan.

  • Paraben free
  • Petroleum free
  • Phthalate free
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
Earthly Body
Based On 9 Reviews


Love this shower gel. Slight minty tingle wakes me feel refreshed and clean. Smell is not over powering.


Inflammation solution

peppermint oil is excellent for bringing down inflammation and giving you a deep cooling after a workout. Overuse will eventually dry your skin out, so I'll normally balance with "Moroccan nights" on my off days for skin softening because of the extra Aragon oil.

If you're soar after a deep yoga session, this is your solution.



My husband absolutely loves this wash, so much so that we purchased a couple of bottle. Loving the mint scent and sensation.

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