Belladonna's Bitch Fist in White

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porn star

in the same time you watch belladonna movie do y it was fun



My partner loves best toy she has ever had it feels like a real fist. Give it a try you will like it too



WOW it's so big and thick takes time getting getting in my wife

Product description

Deviously molded from the fist and forearm of fearless starlet Belladonna, the Bitch Fist provides tons of advanced level sensation plus uniquely controlled stimulation. Curvy, softly firm knuckles, lifelike finger folds and subtle veined detailing enhance this huge piece designed to please size enthusiasts.

Of a firmer PVC rubber with Doc's signature SilAgel at the core, the Bitch Fist bends just enough for perfect positioning, add lots and lots of a favorite water based lube to ease insertion. Wash well before and after enjoyment using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Please read measurement carefully, this is a LARGE toy!

  • Length: 11"
  • Insertable Length: 8.5"
  • Girth: 9.5" at largest point
  • Width: 3" at largest point
  • Materials: PVC, Realistic
  • Special Features: Textured Surface

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Doc Johnson
Ratings / Reviews

Fits just right!!

This toy is Awesome!!!'s not as big as the "Fist" so it's great for the courious fisters...I have it in my ass right now and it feels so good nice stretch as it slides in...and the pop! When you slide past the last knuckle WOW!!!..and it stays in... fucked a gf with it in my ass and Wow!.. now I see why weman want both of there holes filled at the same time...


Wonderful Anal Toy

Love it! Certainly not for newbies! You will need to be stretched out to accept this fist. This fist is larger than my girl friends hand so it took a little work to insert. Once in the fullness was incredible.


Best money spent in awhile

Got home with this, per another review sat it in sink of warm water while I warmed up. I think my ass was begging for this cause my warm up took no time, my ass was swallowing anything I threw at it. Then I lubed this baby up, got in a position where I could press the back of the toy against something so I could lower onto it. Felt a couple nuckles and then whomp, slide right in.



Spiced up my sex life!! Was worried at first of what he would think.. we both have no regrets!!! Well worth the purchase!!


It s good

This is fun but the only bad part is when it s slippery, it s hard to hold onto. My boyfriend and I have thoroughly enjoyed this


Awesome product

Just got this and I love it. Have already been experimenting with bigger but plugs so this one wen in with no problem. Love the feeling when the wrist snaps all the way in



I have a new favorite toy now, I have used bigger toys before and tho they feel good, nothing gives you a fullness quite like this thing does. The moment the knuckles pop in, its like my whole body quivers with an OMG feeling. I have to leave it there for a bit just to feel the fullness it gives. Then you start twisting it and the life like feeling of the knuckles rubbing the inside of me is out of this world, I rarely have an ejaculation from anal play but this toy gave me just that in a matter of mins. And then I left it in until I was relaxed and went for another round.


Fisting is fun

The only negative thing about this toy for my girl is how real it looks. For me it's fine. It's great for fisting and has a soft feel. We like to use this toy before I go to fist her.


Hot Hot Hot!!

Oh My Word!!
This toy is magnificent!!

The texture is smooth.. no rough edge... It is firm yet has some give... and boy does it give!

I love it.. it is now one of my favorite toys for my hubby to use on me


What a stretch!

Was a little frustrated with it at first. The wrist section isn't as sturdy as some others so it was difficult to get it in the right spot and in. Other than that, the texture is absolutely amazing! The feeling of it finally slipping all the way in had me seeing stars and my knees trembling! New favourite to say the least!


This is gonna be work

I've been working towards something like this for a while now and, while I have a long way to go before I can slide this beauty in, I was excited to add it to my collection. I was (you may imagine) frustrated that my ass would NOT take this right away. So maybe this review is premature in that I can't express bliss quite yet. What I have found so far is that 1) it's a bit difficult to hold on to firmly with lubed-up hands, 2) it makes me want a partner to work it with me, and 3) I'd appreciate a longer, thinner handle beyond the forearm so as to make it easier to control. Oh, and 4) this fist feels impossibly wide, but I thought the same as I was working up to 6.5"-girth plugs and dildo's and those practically pop right out now.



I wasn't expecting It to be that big! It has to be worked up too but eventually it feels great inside! The knuckles feel great inside!! Love this!



Fucking loved it that's all I gotta say about that


Just WOW

I was not prepared for the size of it! Must be really worked up to.


Fisting great

Not quite as big as my own which is perfect. Gets me to the exact level I want to be at on a regular basis. The fist shape really turns me on a different way than regular dildos do. I love it.


Belladonna's Love Punch

Already have the Belladonna Magic Hand, and have worked my way to taking it in relatively comfortably, so I got the Fist as a way of making the next step up. Wow! What a step. Love the stuffed feeling. Definitely quite a challenge to use, so use plenty of lube. Wrist is a little too flexible which makes entry a little more difficult.


love it

We love it


Amazing toy

A great size for advanced Play time



The fealing is great


Naughty girl

Bought this just on a whim. And when I got it and took it out if the package it was amazingly soft and not too big. Well I tied it and it was not hard to use. You just have to relax and play a little first and then climb on top of that baby! It was way better then I thought it would be. I actually squirt from using it.


love it!

this thing is amazing. you can twist and roll it once its inside and feel the knuckles rub you the right way!

its big, but not too big.

not sure why it has a cherry smell though.



This product is fantastic! It really takes awhile to insert by yourself but if you relax and are ready for the size then it will slide in with lots of lube. Once inside the sensation of the knuckles are unbelievable.


The best toy ever

This toy feels amazing.- takes a bit of effort to get it in but it is well worth it. if you don't have one you should


My favorite toy

If you're ready to take it, the Bitch Fist is really great. My girlfriend fists me and the feeling with the Bitch Fist is almost lifelike. Probably due to the nicely molded skin texture, really impressive. Important note : Let it sit in hot water for 30 minutes before inserting. Its really more comfortable and goes in more easily. Only negative point : the smell. The scent is nice in itself, but the power is too strong. The whole house smells like cherries every time I use this toy.