Belladonna Pocket Pussy ULTRASKYN Stroker

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The Best

After just one use I'm floored. It's thick and easy to hold, I also love that it doesn't have that jelloey feel of other masturbators. Smells much better too and doesn't taste like shit fresh out of the package. I originally bought this as a hold-out for my other residence, but it immediatly became my #1.


Great pocket pussy

I've owned a few of the cheaper pocket pussys before but for the money, this one is an awesome product, just like most doc Johnson things. Feels great and is always sure to get me off, you won't be disappointed!


simple and effective

This toy feels great, is easy to clean and maintain. Very soft and lifelike. I ordered it with low expectations since the price was so low, but was impressed! The quality is comparable with similar toys at $40 price point. Highly recommend you try it!

Product description

Perfectly recreating the sensation of Belladonna's kinky little pussy, the Pocket Pussy is a deliciously realistic masturbator that'll never say no.

Small enough to hold in hand and contoured for a perfect grip, Belladonna's soft shape and molded lips welcome lucky users inside. On penetration, a contoured texture grips tight, and can be squeezed to maximize snugness. Cover the open back end to increase suction.

Doc's ULTRASKYN is as soft and supple as real skin, plus, it warms naturally to body heat. Rinse well before and after use using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam and allow to dry thoroughly before storage. Compatible with any great quality water-based lube. Made in the USA.

  • Orifice: Vagina
  • Length: 5.5"
  • Special Features: Open Ended, Porn Star Mold, Realistic

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Doc Johnson
Ratings / Reviews

love the feal

the cyber skin is crazy, love it!


Very nice

Love it, fits perfect inside my penis pump add a little suction for a mind blowing wad blowing!



Its awesome for cuz am single now so I love it


More bang for your buck

A few months ago I decided to try this toy out, having never owned one before. For a sale price of only $15 I felt it was worth it, and wasn't expecting much. But as weird as this may sound, buying this literally changed my life for the better. It feels fantastic, especially when one blocks off the back end. It's easy to clean and doesn't take much effort to dry. The first few times it was a little tight and I had to use my fingers to loosen it up but that just made it better. I ended up making an account for this site and have become a fairly frequent buyer because of this toy. I would gladly replace it at 3 times the cost if I had to, though I doubt I will any time soon.


WOW what a toy

this is the 1st time I ever bought something like this I can't believe how life like it feels what the hell took me so long !


was great

belladonn's pocket pussy is great. feels amazing



I bought it for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. He LOVES it. Not going to lie it's a very sexy toy haha.


Good for the price.

Very tight fit. Definitely going through so lube but feels great once the right amount of live is applied


Great and cheap!

This is the cheapest one I found and I love it because it works great. It does not deteriorate fast as long as you take care of it and I buy one every year or so. 15 dollars is nothing. The only thing is that the pink part of the pussy washes off pretty fast.



feels good and works well my wife and I love it



works well and feels good wife and I love it


Pretty cool

Love how it feels


Feels sooo good

I was not a fan of Bella Donna in particular, but now with this - the size, the inside ridges, and those beautiful lips - I can't stop Using her


My new best friend

Lube it up and sandwich it between a couple pillows and this thing is as realistic as it gets! easy to clean and hide away too. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a quality pocket pussy.


Pocket pussy

I fell in love with this pussy, and left my wife...