Dr. Berman Extra Tight Eden Masturbator

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Awesome toy

Very tight but awesome sleeve. My body was shakes uncontrollably when I use it. Needs lots of lube and you have to be super hard to slide in.


Cheap and tight

It's fun to look at it with the transparent material. Wife loves it and me too.



Like the warning on the product page says, it is very tight. Also the opening is very small and tight too. The super tightness makes it an amazing sleeve! it squeezes and tries to push you out. After using this nothing else compares, even those at ten times the price! also the finger holes are a nice addition, helps a lot in holding it lol.

Product description

Great for a solo session or handjob help, the super-snug Eden masturbator is a soft, stretchy sleeve with a highly ribbed texture for lots of stimulation. 

2 finger grips on the side of the sleeve make control easy, even when Eden is lubed up. Just flip it inside out to clean, and wash with soap and water or a good toy cleaner before storing it away. Always use a water based lube with this toy for a long life.

* Please note that this sleeve is very tight.

pack helps the environment

To save on packaging, this product does not include a box.

  • Orifice: Neutral
  • Length: 5.5"
  • Special Features: Closed End

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Ratings / Reviews

Great Feel, Little Small for Some

The shape of this toy and the texture throughout makes it one of the best feeling sleeves I own. I especially love the suction the closed end makes on my head and the natural, wavy shape of the inside. The handles make it a lot easier to use, more so when inserting yourself. Do be aware that if you are well endowed, especially in girth, it will start to break. I used mine for about a month until it was fully split down one end (poor thing). Loved it for the whole time though!


Snug but durable

The disclaimer about it being very tight is accurate. Being closed on one end, makes a little difficult to clean.


Tight is an understatement

As others stated ; it's VERY tight . I have a 5.5" diameter and can't get it in without a lot of lube and prying with my fingers . I have set it aside for now . Not ready to throw it away as I might find it amusing once in a while . Worth the price just for the ego. Great design and manufacturing.



Wife loves it!!!


Slippery when Wet

tl;dr 5/5 don't hurt yourself
This product is pretty fantastic and does the job incredibly well! As reviews has said, it's quite tight and can be a bit much without adequate lubrication.
However, I think Dr. Berman realized what we were in for when he added finger holes to make sure this thing doesn't fire out of your lube-covered hand like a rubber bullet.
Turns out the holes are useful when you're cleaning it! Too bad I didn't realize this until this soap-slathered Fifi shot from my hand. Suddenly it was 1957 and the Eden masturbator was Sugar Ray Robinson and my right testicle Gene
When I woke up on the bathroom floor sometime later, I staggered forth and carefully finished cleanup and tucked away the masturbator for later use. Maybe one day when my balls descend from my throat.
Otherwise, wonderful budget product and quality to boot! Just be sure to maintain a firm grip and utilize the finger holes or else your Eden could go Joe Frazier on your genitals.


So very tight

My god, they were not kidding. Lube up and stretch it good. Moving it up and down is almost impossible, but it you pair it with something that vibrates, it's really nice!


Tight is an understatement

Jesus - I'm not even that "gifted" down there and even I was really having to work it in there.

...well worth the bit of effort, mind you.



Very tight! A little on the short side, but hugs nicely!


Exactly as pictured

Very tight


I like it!

There's really not too much to this.
It's very tight, seems durable, and it gets the job done.
It's actually pretty hard to get in to so you'll likely have to stretch it with your fingers while putting it on.
Be cautious when cleaning it.
Whatever it's made out of is not very stretchy and it gets super slick once soaped up.
First time I cleaned it, it ended up flipping inside right and flying across my bathroom counter.