Black Leather Vampire Gloves in XL

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SKU: RGE-816718 | UPC: 5060404816718 | MPN: RVG1155-XL (0)

SKU: RGE-816718 | UPC: 5060404816718 | MPN: RVG1155-XL (0)

Looking to add lots (and lots!) of tingly, prickly, sensual-overload pleasure to playtime? You won't need to wait until the sun goes down to break out Rouge's Black Leather Vampire Gloves, but let's be honest, the best things happen after dark!

Featuring oft supple leather construction, the Vampire Gloves, of course, have fangs! In this case, the fangs come via tons of bite-sharp spikes studded through each finger. Slip them on before playing doctor, or while dressing up as a naughty kitty. They're also perfect for all sorts of domination scenarios - something about spikes inspires instant, intimidating sexiness! 

In genuine leather, the Vampire Gloves should be spot-cleaned as needed using a good quality leather cleaner.
Based On 2 Reviews
Black Leather Vampire Gloves

Vampire gloves

I love them, they fit me perfectly! They add that little extra spice!

Black Leather Vampire Gloves

vampire gloves

My wife absolutely loves the sensation of the vampire gloves on her back. She is always urging me to press harder!

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