Electra Play Things Paddle in Neon Pink

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SKU: NSN-1310-84 | UPC: 657447105258 | MPN: NSN-1310-84 (0)

SKU: NSN-1310-84 | UPC: 657447105258 | MPN: NSN-1310-84 (0)

Ever worried about losing sight of your play gear (or your playmate, for that matter) when the lights dim? Never again! The Electra Play Things Paddle from ns novelties not only delivers precision taps and slaps, it's also ultra bright neon pink.

Nice and firm in hand - yours or your partner's - this sturdy tool spanks, slaps and (playfully) stings with precision. There's a tiny bit of 'give' to the firmness, but not much. A nice long wrist cord keeps the Paddle close at all times. 

In synthetic patent PU, the Electra Play Things Paddle should be spot cleaned as needed. You can use a favorite toy care fluid/foam, or warm soapy water for easy clean-up.

* The Electra Play Things Paddle measures approximately 12.6"/32cm long and 2.5"/6.48cm wide
ns novelties
Based On 1 Reviews
Electra Play Things Paddle


Love the color. Nice little paddle. Feels great when used.

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