Hemp Seed Lotion 7oz/207ml in Nag Champa

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SKU: EB-006209 | UPC: 879959006209 | MPN: HSV020T (0)

SKU: EB-006209 | UPC: 879959006209 | MPN: HSV020T (0)

Silky smooth, sweetly scented and intensely moisturizing, Earthy Body's Hand & Body Lotion nourishes deeply with all the rejuvenating properties of hemp seed, argon oil, shea butter, chamomile, orange blossom and ginseng root along with other must-haves for velvety, youthful feeling skin.

Containing absolutely no parabens or petroleum based additives, Hand & Body Lotion is an indulgently natural choice, ideal for sensitive skin and body care purists, plus the fragrance is light and fresh, not overpowering at all.  Earthly Body products are completely cruelty free and assuredly vegan.

  • Paraben free
  • Petroleum free
  • Phthalate free
  • THC Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Cruelty free
  • 100% Vegan
Earthly Body
Based On 4 Reviews
Hemp Seed Lotion 7oz/207ml


i can't believe this company makes amazing natural body stuff that smells like my fave incense! it's divine, so creamy and moisturizing. shipping was much faster than i was expecting, too, bonus!

Hemp Seed Lotion 7oz/207ml

I LOVE This Stuff

This lotion smells wonderful & does not leave the skin oily.

Hemp Seed Lotion 7oz/207ml

My fav incense as my fave lotion? Ummm, yes!?

I got this because Nag Champa is my favorite incense scent and has some very happy memories for me (my mum once went on a spending spree and bought about 6 packs of the incense even though she never used incense, and I couldn't use it because smoke triggers my asthma, so she kept it in a drawer that made her entire room smell amazing). I was a little worried in case it was going to be a letdown, since it's so rare for a lotion to emulate a specific scent, but it's perfect. Every note and aspect is spot on, to the point that I'm a tad ashamed to say I can't even speak to its other qualities, because the second the tube's open, I just end up sitting there happily sniffing at it like a child with a bottle of their mum's perfume or as if it were a bottle of essential oils. It never makes it to my skin, because by the time I realise 'I've done it again', the tube's set aside after my latest happy-memory-calming session. If you love Nag Champa incense, or scents that, as I described to my partner, make you think of being in a forest (because of the woody notes) in India, near a village at a holy time, this will definitely be up your alley.

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