Progasm Prostate Massager in Black Ice


4.53 Based On 15 Reviews

Progasm Prostate Massager in Black Ice

Aneros Based On 15 Reviews

Solid and easy (Anonymous)

Take it slow at first, once I have used it a few times, it's quite easy. The clean up is the best, smooth surface, nothing to worry.

Unbelievable (Matthew)

This thing is truly mind blowing. I've had the best orgasm of my life using this. Highly recommended!

Take your orgasm from 'wow' to 'WOW!' (Darren)

If you haven't had an orgasm while your p-spot is being stimulated you're in for a real treat.
This massager is larger than the MGX (which is great for the beginner or the timid) and you know it as soon as you put it in.
You can feel this little piece of technology work its magic from the first second you insert it. While your body flexes and contracts during orgasm this massager slides in and out all on its own - your orgasms are so much more intense!
I highly recommend this toy to anyone interested in the p-spot and not intimidated by its size!

Product description

One of the first, top selling and certainly much-loved prostate massagers to send very pleasurable shock-waves through the industry, the Progasm by Aneros, to this day, is one of the best tools available to take advantage of the high concentration of nerve endings in the anal area, resulting in what some men have called the best orgasm of their lives, or the 'Super-O'.

Designed for hands-free prostate massage, and unbelievable sensation, the Progasm is designed like a butt plug, with a wide top and tapered bottom, but it does so much more than a traditional plug. The bulbous, angled head has been researched and studied to hit the prostate easily and comfortably with contractions of the pelvic and anal muscles, meaning that tis is a hands-off toy, requiring no manual manipulation. Featuring two out-reaching extensions with rounded balls on each side of the wide, safe base, the Progasms' bottom provides as much pleasure as the tip, the extension reaching forward will naturally settle against the ultra sensitive perineum during penetration, easily stimulating this nerve-ending rich erogenous zone.

According to Aneros' instructions, and feedback from many users, the trick to mind blowing orgasms with the Progasm seems to be this; let your body tell you what to do. Let yourself get used to the sensation of the massager inside the anal canal before attempting anything further, simply get into a position one that feels comfortable for you (the included user guide recommends several), and relax. Once you feel ready, begin slowly contracting the sphincter muscles. The Progasm is shaped to automatically massage the prostate, or male G-spot by reacting to the body's motion- you should not have to use any manual pressure or movement, in fact, doing so may be uncomfortable. Many men report achieving a 'Super-O' right away, while others need time to get comfortable with the experience. Once you're used to the sensations that it delivers, it can be used with a partner during sex.

Some men report that their Aneros contributes to longer lasting, more intense sex because they can focus on sensations other than those of the penis, and some say that anal stimulation produces a harder erection. Pleasure aside, massage is thought to improve prostate health, so you really can't go wrong. The Progasm is quite large, suited to advanced prostate players.

Made of a hygienic, incredibly body safe plastic material in a new, excitingly glossy, ultra slick finish, the Black Glass Progasm is compatible with both water and silicone based lubricant formulas.

  • Length: 5"
  • Insertable Length: 4.25"
  • Girth: 3.6" at largest point
  • Width: 1.1" at largest point
  • Color: Black

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Ratings / Reviews

I'm a believer (Henry)

Once I heard about how sensitive a man's prostate was, I went on a search to find something that would push my threshold, to that next level. I'm not gay, by any stretch of the means, so I always preferred an anal toy that wasn't shaped like a penis. This one fit the bill and hit the spot.

Not to be ignored (joackr)

I chose to add this model to my last order given the irresistible discount Pinkcherry was giving. I was hoping its longer reach would make it hit the prostate from the top but it's not quite there.
It also tends to come out on its own if the sphincter is let to relax. Add to this the extra pressure it generates and it makes it difficult to just put in and ignore. I will save it for those sessions when I have less time ahead.
The "ice" surface seem to make it more slippery than the non "ice" models so I believe all aneros should be "ice".

Good prostate massager (Ron)

Good prostate massager, works as advertised.

Surprising (Anonymous)

I already own a Helix, and I wondered if the Progasm would be difficult to insert. With a good lube (Sassy by Sliquid), and by taking it slow it inserts easily. You get a feeling of fullness and the prostate is immediately stimulated. It's nice to compare to the Helix and to combine the two in the same session.

Solid product but not working for me (Anonymous)

I'm not a beginner so I thought I would give this a try, I've done a lot of research and have used it quite a bit. So far no luck.

The product itself is very well made and cleans up great.

Definitely a good buy (L)

Used on husband while giving him head. Said it was better experience than before. Glad we purchased this.

Missing the point (Anonymous)

Might be something different about my anatomy, but this just doesn't reach the spot. It does move by itself, as advertised, and it's a wonderful size and it also stimulates the perineum... but for me, it doesn't hit the P-spot.

Feels good and easy to use (Anonymous)

Wonderful easy to clean plastic material makes this a great butt plug for beginners due to smooth comfortable insertion. My wife even loves using it because it's one of the few butt plugs made of a material she doesn't have an allergy to.

Liked it but (analpspotguy)

I bought a couple of prostate massagers so far. I like this one cause it's made of plastic and not in silicone, easyer to clean, less stinky... A bit huge, you could not really sat on this also due to the plastic protuberance at the base. I prefere the progasm junior to this one but this one is a great add to my collection.

Daaaamn (Anonymous)

Anyone interested in the p-spot should definitely pick one up, hits things just right.

Upgrade your intensity (annonymous)

I already own the MGX, so this was an upgrade to the Prograsm. It is a little bigger than the MGX, but nothing a guy cannot handle. The feeling is definitely more intense and worth it. I would recommend this for anyone with experience, but if you are just starting out, give the Helix or MGX a try first.

Upgrade your intensity (annonymous)

I already own the MGX, so this was an upgrade to the Prograsm. It is a little bigger than the MGX, but nothing a guy cannot handle. The feeling is definitely more intense and worth it. I would recommend this for anyone with experience, but if you are just starting out, give the Helix or MGX a try first.