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SKU: NSN-1124-43 | UPC: 657447101748 | MPN: NSN-1124-43 (45)

SKU: NSN-1124-43 | UPC: 657447101748 | MPN: NSN-1124-43 (45)

While we absolutely adore all the sexy tech that's been automatically buzzing, sucking vibrating into our little corner of the world, sometimes there's just nothing like good ol' analogue! For example: the Renegade PSI Pump. Helping enhance erection, improve endurance and feeling amazing all at once, this classic, sophisticated pump features an easy grip handle, soft donut sleeve and a clear pressure gauge.

Sleek and stable, a nice long chamber sits below the PSI's gauge. Strategically crystal clear, it's naturally magnifying- because a pre-pumping ego boost can't possibly hurt! Over the entrance, the plush black entrance sleeve cushions skin as it maintains a magically airtight seal. 

Start up suction by pulling up on the trigger handle. You'll be able to keep an eye on inner pressure as you watch yourself or a partner grow - make a note of optimal pressure for next time, if you want.

In body safe acrylic and PVC, the PSI cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any favorite water or silicone based lubricant.

* The Renegade PSI Penis Pump measures approximately 11" (28cm) in total. About 8 of those inches (20cm) are penetrable. The chamber is approximately 2.4" (6cm) in diameter.
Based On 4 Reviews
Renegade PSI Penis Pump

Pumpin it up

Love playing with this pump. Works really great.

Renegade PSI Penis Pump

Works well

I got this a while back I'm now writing a review had to see if worked and the boy does it ever your gains stays and she loves it a little more than I do at this point but I'm not the type to say no lol

Renegade PSI Penis Pump


Only used a couple times could of cane with instructions

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