5" Male P-Spot Massager in Black

Blueline Men

4.64 Based On 22 Reviews

5" Male P-Spot Massager in Black

Blueline Men Based On 22 Reviews

Feels great (FA)

Great product, feels really good. Perfect for begginers

Very pleased! It hit the "spot" (Anonymous)

I have experimented with anal toys before, but never a prostate massager. I was a little sceptical of how stimulating this would be as most of the toys I have used in the past have been much longer and had more girth.

I am into edging lately and thought this might be a good way to stimulate hands free. As soon as I inserted the massager I could feel the bulb pressing gently against my prostate. Also, as soon as I inserted a drop of cum dripped out which was very exciting. Since it was my first time (and I had a new bottle of lube) I didn't bother trying to edge ... I had a mind blowing orgasm in no time. Can't wait to try it out some more!

Excellent (Anonymous)

Provides good stimulation on the prostate. Takes some getting used to but all in all a good product.

Product description

A sleek, strategically contoured massager designed to take full advantage of the extraordinarily high concentration of nerve endings in the anal area and prostate, Blueline's P-Spot Massager is shaped for effortless stimulation of the male g-spot.

Tipped by a subtly bulbous, perfectly up-angled head, the P-Spot rests against the orgasm-inducing prostate gland easily and comfortably with contractions of the pelvic and anal muscles or manual manipulation- a smoothly rounded arm reaching up from the base meanwhile targets the ultra sensitive perineum while a long curled handle allows for precision control and safe, worry-free wear.

Some men report that this type of toy helps with stamina, providing sensations to focus on other than penile stimulation, and prostate massagers are often said to improve erection strength and definitely orgasm intensity. Either way, discovering the effects for yourself will definitely be enjoyable, and keep in mind that massage is thought to improve prostate health, so you really can't go wrong. Use a good quality water or silicone based lubricant to assist with smooth, comfortable insertion, and be sure to wash well before and after use.

  • Length: 5"
  • Insertable Length: 3.5"
  • Girth: 3" at largest point
  • Width: 1" at largest point
  • Color: Black

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Ratings / Reviews

Good for beginners (Anonymous)

Good for beginners. Not intimating. Gets up where it needs to go

Good (Anonymous)

First time attempting a toy like this. Was surprised but not mind blowing. Hopefully things change as i give it a couple more tries.
I really wish the base wasn't shaped so awkward as its almost impossible to sit down with this.

Great way to ramp up the pleasure! (Anonymous)

This was a first time experience. Easy to use and it did it's job right away. Increased please so much and so fast it was amazing!

Beginner (Paul)

Great for beginners like me. Packaing was very discreet.

Great product. (Anonymous)

Perfect for mal beginner. Work with women too. Easy to clean but would have wish the surface to be more homogeneous to see easier if it is clean.

First timer (Anonymous)

Used this for the first time and still learning how to use it but see how it will do the job

Good for beginners (John)

Perfect for those who haven't used a toy like this before. Easy to use but got used to the sensation quickly and have started to look for something bigger to build on that sensation.

It Feels awsome! (Martin)

This product is very simple
But God it feel good
Not enough to make me come yet but having sex with it in you
Man! What an orgasm!

I love it (Joc)

Very hum...I love this felling.

Wow (Anonymous)

Used on bf he said was a lil too hard plastic but he came like crazy

First toy (Anonymous)

I like it but silicone would be better for me I like the softness more than the hard plastic but I still can't hit the right spot I'll keep trying though

Gets the job done - feels good (Bruce)

I really like this items because it looks discreet and I can hang it in the shower very easily.

Works good anywhere, nice to use when masturbating because when contracting (keagle) is stimulates the prostate without having to touch it. Helps to climax quicker if you're in a hurry and it's easy to clean.

Nice (Anonymous)

I love this one, it can be used while making love or solo sex, it has the right corve and length. Esay to clean and to use.

anal toy (Anonymous)

loved this prostate toy. Being a beginner it fits perfect for me and feels great.

easy to use and great effect (Anonymous)

I'm a beginner with these toys. This worked out great and was easy to use. Recommended.

Great (M)

Im new to butt play, but this is great. I need to warm up with other toys but once I'm good and relaxed this toy is magical. It's a decent no frills version of an aneros. 4 stars because its obviously not as nice as its more expensive brethren but its definitely a great, affordable avenue if you want to start experimenting. Highly recommended.

My boyfriend moans like a walrus (Anonymous)

Great starter for butt play. If your not sure if your man will like it or not it's a good size . He keeps asking for more .

The pleasure was all mine (Anonymous)

First time thing something like this and I have to say it's epically good. Lots of lube and good to go. Who'd have thought such a little piece of plastic could bring such bliss.

Effective and easy to use operation with this design.
Also very affordable.

Beginner (Anonymous)

Nice size for a beginner! Feels great