5-Piece Hog Tie and Cuff Set

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durable and versatile

Great for a variety of positions. All you need is a good imagination. Also very durable for those who enjoy rougher fun.


Great product!

This cuff set is great! You can use it as the traditional "hog tie" or so many other ways because each cuff attaches independently. Great price, cuffs are comfortable, no complaints.



Comfortable, secure - could even life me up off the floor!

Product description

Making it easy to get into the one of the most excitingly sexy, ultra compromising positions out there, the 5-Piece Hog Tie & Cuff Set is extremely versatile, and can be used in a number of ways. Included in the set, you'll find 4 pairs of soft, sturdy cuffs that secure with Velcro, making them ultra easy to get into and (when the time is right) out of.

The cuffs can be used in any combination, securing the wrists and ankles together, or one wrist to one ankle and so on, but when used with the 5 ring connector, they work together incredibly well. The classic hog tie position involves both wrists and both ankles held close together either behind or in front of you or your playmate, but you'll be able to modify it as needed thanks to the versatile design of this set. Each cuff has lots of room for adjustment, making this pleasure kit perfect for almost anyone.

SKU: SS-325015 | UPC: 646709325015 | MPN: SS325-01 (12)

SKU: SS-325015  |  UPC: 646709325015 |  MPN: SS325-01 (12)

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Very nice, sturdy and clips on easily


great value

Great value, cuffs are comfortable and seems durable too. really happy with the product



A great product, very solid and very sturdy. They certainly bind well even though it is velcro. Very happy with this purchase.


Stop reading and buy it already!

Bought this along with the Fantasy Body Harness. My girlfriend loves this! First time trying this stuff out and it adds an extra level of intense fun. The cuffs are soft and great quality. Along with the 5-ring tie. Very satisfied



These were so comfortable yet still effective


Great quality

Best restraints I've used, comfortable on the wrists and ankles, metal clips are strong very good product highly recommend to add to your collection.


It works

Very good starter kit. I have not had this for long but it seems to be strong. There easy and quick to put on and take off


great value and sturdy

My Partner and I use them all the time!


Good set of cuffs

Have to say when I first saw these I was disappointed they seemed a bit small, however they are very comfortable easy to put on and off. They fit big and small wrist/ankles and after using them I recommend a second set for the post or chair u don't want scuffed up by chain or rope. I highly recommend these for a first set we will be upgrading at some point but there is lots of fun to be had first.


Hours of fun

We had hours of fun trying different ways of restraining. The cuffs felt comfortable on both wrists n ankles.



Comfortable and easy to use! Clips are a bit small but still manageable.


Top quality and value

Fantastic value for this set. Very well made and a true bargain for the price.


Loved it!

Bought this for a trip with a lover, and we wanted to do some experimentation. Again, easy to put on and take off and it allowed for us to have some amazing fantasy play.



exactly what i was looking for



Great set for adventurous lovers !! The cuffs a comfortable and adjustable and easy to release quickly if needed...and the clips offer the option for bondage to other holders!!! Our favourite bedroom toy...fits my small wrists, or his large ones...perfect !!



My partner and I use this set all of the time! Since the cuffs attach independently, there are a myriad of ways to restrain a person to themselves, objects, or other devices. If you're flexible enough (or in the right position), you can tie and untie yourself, which can be a pleasant surprise for someone to come home to. The cuffs are comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods of time and are since they're velcro, you can release quickly if needed. We were worried about how long these would last and how much struggling they could endure, but we're delighted at their reliability. This 5-piece set is one of my favourite toys!