7 Piece Bed Spreader Restraint System

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SKU: EE-042823 | UPC: 4890808042823 | MPN: LF1328 (5)

SKU: EE-042823 | UPC: 4890808042823 | MPN: LF1328 (5)

A fantastically versatile restraint kit, Lux Fetish's simple Bed Spreader instantly converts just about any bed into a veritable bondage playground via sturdy, extra lengthy straps that fit under most standard mattresses, as well as around headboards and frames.

Allowing for all kinds of connectivity with cuffs, tethers and otherwise, the Spreader set contains four 5 foot (1.52m) straps and a midpoint attachment band that slip discreetly underneath (or around) bed configurations, attaching, in turn to four included neoprene cuffs vinyl bands enhanced with sturdy swivel clips and loops big O-ring fasteners.

Set-up can be perfectly customized to suit any number of bondage-geared scenarios- even if a bed isn't available, the straps and bands can certainly be made use of in other ways. Fits any standard mattresses. Spot clean.

Lux Fetish
Based On 38 Reviews


Gets the job done me and my husband love it and I love home it fits any bed it's easy to set up and the cuff are nice and soft so no irritation



We have really enjoyed this! And when you are in it, tighten up the straps, you aren't going anywhere!!!



Really great product, sturdy and very strong. I would recommend these for anybody who likes to be tied up. They are strong and can go tight which is nice for minimal moving and maximum kink.

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