7 Piece Bed Spreader Restraint System

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This item fit perfectly... Easy to set up and fun to experiment with. Easy to travel with and to set up in hotel or anywhere you go.
This item is excellently made and very comfortable... A must purchase for couples at play.


Must buy!

Awesome. Fits a king size bed, easy to install, very comfortable cuffs.


Great to Use

This product was very simple to set up and works great. It is very durable and have been told it is comfortable to use.

Product description

A fantastically versatile restraint kit, Lux Fetish's simple Bed Spreader instantly converts just about any bed into a veritable bondage playground via sturdy, extra lengthy straps that fit under most standard mattresses, as well as around headboards and frames.

Allowing for all kinds of connectivity with cuffs, tethers and otherwise, the Spreader set contains four 5 foot (1.52m) straps and a midpoint attachment band that slip discreetly underneath (or around) bed configurations, attaching, in turn to four included neoprene cuffs vinyl bands enhanced with sturdy swivel clips and loops big O-ring fasteners.

Set-up can be perfectly customized to suit any number of bondage-geared scenarios- even if a bed isn't available, the straps and bands can certainly be made use of in other ways. Fits any standard mattresses. Spot clean.

SKU: EE-042823 | UPC: 4890808042823 | MPN: LF1328 (31)

SKU: EE-042823  |  UPC: 4890808042823 |  MPN: LF1328 (31)

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Comfy on

Very comfortable and held inplace where I wanted


5 stars

Enough said. Yes! Buy it!! Very durable!!


Wicked Good Fun

My fianc got this set and we both love it. Was easy to set up and fit our King sized bed with no problem. The cuffs were very comfortable and they hide right under the mattress when not in use.



Easy set up for my mattress. I was worried since I don't have a headboard and posts but it functions with out it. The restraints are good comfort wise. However my girlfriend tested to see if she could slip them easy. She was able to get her wrists out if they weren't that tight. Overall pretty good setup for someone wanting to test the waters



So much fun! It was my first dabble with restraints and it won't be my last. *TIP* if your partner leaves you tied up, each cuff is close enough to the hand that one could unlatch themselves pretty easy. I did find this to be a bit of a turn off from the fantasy.


Happily Bound

The restraints worked like a charm and at a very low cost. Not only do they do what they promise, but they're surprisingly comfortable too! If your looking to restrain your partner this will get the job done, it scales well for various mattress shapes and sizes, and did I mention they're comfortable?



Super easy to assemble. The person tied up cannot move whatsoever! Its awesome! Worth the money.


Awesome system

I bought this to use with the Eagle Spreader bar. The restraints are comfortable and easy to unhook of you need to in a hurry, if you use your safe word or just aren t comfortable. Great price, would definitely recommend for new/intro to BDSM.



Fits a king size, deep mattress bed perfectly. Room to adjust straps to accommodate different positions. Setup was quick and easy. The cuffs are comfortable and everything stays put. Very happy with this product!!!!



These were super easy to put together. I have very small wrists so we where worries about being able to make them right enough but they fit perfectly



Fit to be tied! Absolutely awesome. Very easy to use and set up!


Loved this

Used it with my boyfriend. We both loved it. We took turns. Was a lot of fun!!


Best Purchase I've Made

Best purchase I've ever made. Wrist and ankle restraints are comfortable and secure. The under the mattress strapping keeps in place and are very secure. We enjoy using this product on a regular basis. I very highly recommend this to anyone that likes the sort of activity.



It is perfect, just what my boyfriend and I wanted. It is super easy to put together and very sexy for the bedroom!!


Left her feeling 50 shades darker...

Restraints could be a little longer for a shorter person on a king size bed... but overall it worked



Really great product, sturdy and very strong. I would recommend these for anybody who likes to be tied up. They are strong and can go tight which is nice for minimal moving and maximum kink.



Love this... my slutty little sub wife can't move at all. I can restrain her arms and legs and do whatever I want to her.


Like it

Can't wait to use it



We found the restraints very comfortable, and easily fithe any bed size, easily adjustable as well. I have already recommended them to others.



I really like these because it fits under my bed perfectly and the restraints don't leave marks on my wrists! Super comfy for rough moments!



We have really enjoyed this! And when you are in it, tighten up the straps, you aren't going anywhere!!!


So much fun!

I love these. They are comfortable and very strong. Easy on the wrists and are great because they are strong enough to hold a man! Love it!!!!


Worth it!

Great system! Very comfortable and well made! Works great and well worth the purchase!


Buy this

I noticed most reviews are from the guys. My husband and I enjoy play; late thirties, no kids. I do the buying and trying!

We have a king sized bed, and centre strap goes underneath the mattress. Two restraint system straps are attached on the right and left side of your bed with the main strap left underneath the mattress about halfway. The side restraints can be kept attached and tucked under the mattress, or unhooked and attached to the main strap. We leave the system in place minus the cuffs for spontaneous fun.

High quality.


Easy, Exciting, and Effective!

It's rare to find a pair of cuffs that actually fit my very thin wrists, but these restraints work perfectly! A wide range of adjustable cuff sizes, and very easy to set up and adjust to any bed size. Definitely recommend!


Held fast so we could go at it hard

Good restraints. Wide, didn't dig in, kept everything spread. A little tricky to initially get under the mattress. Hides away nicely. You are only limited by your imagination in where and how you set this up. Simple Velcro setup. Had lots of fun!


Adaptable Use

Works great for under the bed and the cuffs are comfortable. Its great having the rings on the cuffs and straps to use in combination with rope and other ties.



Very effective! Worth noting that the cuffs attach to the straps by a clip that would be very easy for someone determined to undo! Otherwise - great for play!



Gets the job done me and my husband love it and I love home it fits any bed it's easy to set up and the cuff are nice and soft so no irritation



Not much I can do when my partner had me strung up... The feeling of helplessness is actually pretty