8 Inch Silicone Hollow Extension in Flesh

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pure pleasure

this dildo is great for older couples and it's amazing works and feels like the real thing but I thinks it's better.



it works


Wife LOVED it..

Was looking to add some variety into my wife's and I sex life. I strapped this on over my cock and gave my wife a fucking that she could not believe. She said it felt like a real cock sliding in her soaked pussy.. She wanted to fuck more but she came so many times she said she could not feel her legs.. A happy wife for sure. It fit snug over my cock with the hard tube in it . Only thing I did not like was the harness.Kind of flimsy but works .. Wife asked when am I going to fuck her again with it.. A++ in my book.

Product description

Satisfyingly supple, excitingly lengthy and incredibly filling, the 8 Inch Silicone Hollow Extension is a user friendly must-have for playful partners. Designed with tons of versatility  in mind, yielding immeasurable pleasure that's limited only by imagination, the Extension can be made use of in marathon sex sessions, or as a simple solution to ED and premature ejaculation issues.

The big, intensely satisfying shape of the penetrative portion is sure to please, it's deliciously firm, perfect for  ultra precise stimulation of inner sweet spots. A thick, definitely lengthy, subtly textured shaft starts off slim and gently pointed at the tip, swelling out immediately into an orgasmically lifelike head.

Though sturdy enough for female use with its body hugging base that rests comfortably against the pubic bone and fully adjustable straps, the Hollow was perfectly designed for the opposite sex. Fitting comfortably inside an open 1.6" (4cm) base, the supreme silkiness and seamless Luv-Touch construction of the Hollow's 8 inch interior surrounds the penis fully. A hardy metal O-ring circling the base of the silicone exterior helps hold the Hollow securely in place once strapped in- it also makes this extension compatible with other similar strap-on systems.

The Hollow's supple, silky, medical grade silicone surface feels fantastic against a lover's skin, it's velvety and soft, warming perfectly to body temperature during play. Clean up is easy and worry free, you'll be able to place the Hollow (straps removed) on the top rack of the dishwasher, or boil for complete sterilization; a good toy cleaner or warm soapy water will do the trick, too. Always use a great quality water based lube with the Hollow, it'll keep the quality silicone at its very best, silicone formulas should be avoided. Fits up to a 50 inch (127cm) waist.

  • Length: 8"
  • Insertable Length: 7"
  • Girth: 6.6" at largest point
  • Width: 2" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic, Silicone
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Phthalate-Free, Textured Surface

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Ratings / Reviews

Orgasm machine

Bought this to use with my wife, I'm a good sized guy but cum fast. This strap on accommodates my size 7.5" and lets me go long enough to give her multiple orgasms!


Very satisfied!

My wife loves it!



Used it without the insert. Wife and I both enjoyed it.
Suction works well to keep it in place and the extra thickness was very enjoyable.


We Love It

Me and my hubby both love it. Its perfect for what we're looking for!


Wow i never thought i'd need this but OMG

The mens pleasure system is a marrage relationship blessing we have 5 more in backup hoping they never wearout. The ppa is comfortanle for me lifelike feel for both i even stroked it its weired it flat attracts ya to hold it when its on. Give me a chubby erection when i holdit before putting it on. Tried wearing it during the day with ptoste plug in its heavy and very very manly.
Overall 5's.


8 inch silicone hillow extension in




This has changed our love life my man ducks me longer and harder with this on. Great product feels so real !!!


Become a big boy!

Feels real-ish. The inside hollow hard-plastic 'tube' is a decent girth. It was a little too small for my penis so I removed it and was able to have a snug fit with just the outer part, and thus, a monster penis. Wife likes it. Side loves it more. You should hear the noises they make when I'm wearing it...


Wife loves it

On the hard plastic piece, or pull it off and slide your dick inside the rubber as a sleeve. Wife loves both ways.



This is a great tool to spice it up, wife loves it.


woa its big

This is my 2nd time buying a product like that. (First time was too small for my boyfriend to fit in.) See my boyfriend has a quite a big penis but he has a hard time making love to me for a long period of time, so we had the idea to buy these kind of product. The only thing is that this one is big for me (with the hard plastic inside it is painfull to fit it in... even with Lots of preparation) Anyway, the rubber part fits over his penis so we did it like that. We both enjoyed it. (I only wish there was a better product like that)


Not the right product for me

The texture is great but wasn't the right product for us. The diameter is way too big for me. My boyfriend didn't like the "thong" harness. The product was of great quality.



Product is made of excellent quality. No question pink cherry hit a homerun on this one.



Just got it, already try it and we are very satisfied, thanks for the great sensations.
P,S.: please forgive my bad English!



wife will get use to it with some coaching lol



i just got this 2 days ago and used it for the first time lastnight.i didnt think my wife would handle it but boy was i wrong.when i put it in the first time she gasped and the expresion on her face was very exciting.i fucked her for an hour or more in multiple positions.highly recommend this product.


Best Product Yet

Great for males suffering from ED or loss of manhood through prolonged medication........remove the solid insert and replace with all or part of a toilet paper core.......give your wife something to squeeze.........it is not as soft as the real penis but I have yet to find anything closer........



realistic very nice straps could be wider over all good product


Yesss it fits !!!

So I have a 5-6 inch hard cock and wanted a little more size if ya know what I mean. Tried a harder 9" model that was just too hard for my wife and my cock did not fit in the smaller hollow. This softer model is awesome. So I used it as a dildo at first, lotsa lube, went in nice. Then I peeled it off the plastic insert and tossed the harness, lubed up my cock and slid it over. It was a good fit, should've seen her gasp. A couple strokes later and she took it like a champ. Tossed the strap and insert for the new addition to my cock.


Very comfortable

Harnes very comfortable and adjustable. Silicon surface feels very smooth. My wife very excited each time. A lot of pleasure for both of us. Certainly recommend.



Absolutely wonderful! After the first use it realized you can remove the hard inner liner and now I can feel the pleasure of the deep penetration also. Before removing it was too tight for me to fit in. There is no need for the harness if you feel it up either. The suction holds it on quit well. My wife can't get enough of this beast and I can't either. She gets intensely wet when I thrust deep and I can feel her getting tighter as she gets more excited. We have also used it for foreplay and she enjoys it . Perfect buy, both of you will not be disappointed.


You can make it fit.

We chose this model because of the large and adjustable harness. I was a bit concerned it wouldn't stay in place because the straps are thin, but it's easy to wear and never shifted.

From a pleasure point of view it's a tight fit because of the girth and the rigidity of the liner, but getting fucked hard from behind with this thing will leave you feeling like a bitch in heat.

The only thing I would change is how hard the inner liner is. If it were even a little bit flexible I would be trying to give it more than five stars.

The harness can be used with other dildos and toys with a wide base. This item is definitely worth it's very reasonable price.