Adonis Extension in Smoke

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adds inches comfortably

great product, it adds inches and a bit of width. Its comfortable and reports from women have been very good. The nibs add more stimulation and the length adds great penetration. A good quality product!


Great Buy

My wife and I started trying cock sleeves about a year ago. The first ones were for added girth and not length. My wife loved the added girth and was having great orgasms. I told her I was now going to buy this toy for added length. She wasn't sure but said she would try. We've been married over 20 years and put sex life has never been better. She wants it as often as we get the chance. I have never seen her cum so hard in all these years. Who ever said added size doesn't matter was wrong. I would definitely recommend!



I bought this product a few weeks ago and let me tell you,,,its worth the money. I have tried other sleeves but this one is the best. Some reviews say its hard to get on and if they put lube in it then it slips off. Well ladies no lube for him is needed. Use your mouth to warm him up and make him wet from your mouth.and roll this sleeve up like a condom then slip it onto him!! Works great! I wouls highly suggest a lube for woman and use it lightly because it will get under the sleeve and then it will slide around or off of him.
Slip it on and HANG ON!!! not for beginners,,,lol.

Product description

Created to look and feel even better than natural while adding inches of length and lots of texture, the Adonis Extension assists with stamina, provides a simple solution to erectile issues, and contributes to an overall more pleasurable sexual experience.

In soft stretchy TPR,  the Adonis covers both head and shaft. A full 2 inches (5cm) of firmer tip extends length while the multi-textured exterior adds lots more pleasurable friction. 

Adonis cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any favorite water based lube.

*Adonis is approximately 6 inches (15cm) in total

SKU: CE-1625-35-2 | UPC: 716770059253 | MPN: SE-1625-35-2 (0)

SKU: CE-1625-35-2  |  UPC: 716770059253 |  MPN: SE-1625-35-2 (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Intense Love

You will love this and so will your partner! I had sex with my girlfriend with the sleeve on and it drove her crazy! It really got her G spot she said. Worth the money ;)



First time trying a sleeve, wifey was a bit timid at first but you could see and feel her enjoying the extra length and girth. Definitely worth the money.


Amazing new addition.

Fits snugly and help to hold off the fireworks on my end.....wife really seemed to enjoy the difference in feel but still feel me behind every thrust.


We love it

Bought this extender to add to our collection of extenders and girth enhancers. We rarely use the other ones anymore as my wife loves this one. Perfect length and girth and she even named this one Jimmy. Long story but the added length, girth and Jimmy fantasy have her really getting off. Also she wants sex almost daily and we've been together 21 years! Also for me it feels great! I would recommend it


Is that you????

Wife first felt it was kind of cold going in. Next time I am going to try soaking it in warm water. She definitely said it didn't feel like me but she didn't tell me to take it off either...hmmm? I was surprised to actually get a little pleasure out of this as well. I used it for cowgirl sex because I don't last as long and wanted her to finish. Adds girth and a little length. It will roll on nicely and isn't rock hard at the tip. We will try this again....


All filled up!!

Wife loved it, the extra length and girth drove her mad. It felt great for me too, watching her get off was the cherry on top!


good purchase

Product works great! Wife enjoyed the extra length and girth. Would recommend as a little spice up.


Adonis Smoke Sleeve

This is probably the best extension sleeve tha you will find. It adds an excellent amount of length and girth, leaving your partner very satisfied. I have gone with both the clear and the smoke options - my gal loves both!! She can't get enough of that extra depth and girth that the Adonis offers her. I will keep this one on my list for future orders for sure.


SMoke Sleeve

It is very good. Quality and feel is great. Adds about 1.5" in length and a good amount in thickness.. Wife loves it


smoke on smoke sleeve

Awesome,feels good for both male and femaleVery sexy