nipple play Advanced Nipple Suckers in Pink


4.51 Based On 43 Reviews

nipple play Advanced Nipple Suckers in Pink

CalExotics Based On 43 Reviews

Awesome product. (Anonymous)

When i first saw them i didnt think they would be too good but wow! I am so impressed. A total turn on

Great product! (Anonymous)

Great price, feels wonderful, overall a fantastic buy! I'll definitely recommend this to others!

Fun (Anonymous)

These are a fun little toy to add some kink to your sexy times.

Product description

Sucking thrillingly at any particularly sensitive bit of skin, California Exotic's nipple play collection presents the Nipple Suckers, a duo designed for simple, quick attachment and blissfully stimulating results.

Naturally drawing blood to the peaks of the breasts when attached, a deliciously devious interior suction effect perks up the nipples, inspiring nearly instantaneous arousal and vastly increasing sensitivity to touch, tugs, flicks and otherwise. To attach, simply position over the desired nipple (or other nerve-ending rich external sweet spot) and gently squeeze. Upon release, the suction activates, gently yet firmly drawing skin inward.

In a safe and ultra sturdy phthalate-free PVC material, the Suckers require just a rinse in warm soapy water to see them squeaky clean and ready for enjoyment.

* The Suckers are 2.1" (5.3cm) in length, default (un-squeezed) inner diameter is .9" (2.3cm).

SKU: CE-2644-04-3 | UPC: 716770053299 | MPN: SE-2644-04-3 (20)

SKU: CE-2644-04-3 | UPC: 716770053299 | MPN: SE-2644-04-3 (20)

Ratings / Reviews

Suction! (Susie)

Really has a strong suction! Nice for a beginner! Great low price.

Strong suction (Anonymous)

Maybe too much suction.

Good suction (Craig)

Girl friend loves it, and free shipping from herer is always prompt, good buy

Happy couple (Anonymous)

Wife's nipples we're amazing with these

Great little addition to the "toy box". (Bigray362)

My fiancee has very sensitive breasts and nipples to begin with, and these made them extremely sensitive. Can also be used in other areas which liked to be sucked. The only thing I can complain about, is they are very stiff until you use them a few times. Worth the investment!

Great little addition to the "toy box". (Bigray362)

My fiancee LOVES these!

Bit too much for beginner (Anonymous)

Being this is the first time we've used anything like this it's a bit too much for beginning. Going to try the adjustable clamps next instead.

Highly Effective (Anonymous)

Harder plastic than expected, but works very well. Most definitely strong, so make sure to take it a little easy when starting out.

Great product (Anonymous)

I love how hard these get my nipples!

nice product (Anonymous)

very strong suction .

Wow (Gab)

I'm very new to the whole sex toy sphere so for a first 'toy' these exceeded my expectations. Big enough to take my entire areola yet make your nipples feel amazing. I like it a smidge rougher so I thought they felt amazing, if your nipples are very sensitive maybe this isnt for you because after a wile they can start to hurt.

Didn't Expect it to be This Good! (Moe)

Originally, I questioned this product because I wasn't sure what to expect. However, after we got it and tried it out, my girlfriend loved it. She explained her feeling as sweet pain that felt new and exciting. Additionally, the nipple grew so dramatically and became very sensitive after the suction was used twice on each nipple. Definitely recommend this if you love breasts ;)

So simple... (nads)

and so much fun to use, they feel great

Submissive (Anonymous)

Love these. They feel so good and make my nipples huge.

Great (Anonymous)

This pair of nipple suckers are so soft. It is good to be able to treat an area of your body which is so delicate delicately with these.

Perfect (Amy)

Didn't realize what I was missing :)

Nice (Leslie)

My boyfriend loves when my nipples are big and hard. I love how these do that for me QUICK. The effect doesn't last long but it's nice cause it doesn't hurt and it works fast

I didnt know I needed these. (kyrsten)

The suction works well, and they don't just give up and fall off

good (Anonymous)

Great funny prize for our bingo event!

Big suckers (Mike)

These are big suckers, with strong suction. I have never seen my wifes nipples so big, hard and sensitive.

Greater then expected (Vanilla)

Surprised on the excitation they provided for my girlfriend

Thumbs up (whispers)

Didn't really expect them to work due to not having much feeling in breasts, but surprised it worked. But not in the way you think, didn't work the first time but since using them once my breasts have been feeling more tender and sensitive. Only downside is that it hurts to use, and no instructions.

These work (himan3214)

Pretty plain and simple, these things work as intended. I was surprised with how much suction these things produced to be honest.

They do work on some other places as well but these are definitely made mainly for the nipples. Good fun all round though.

Happy (Anonymous)

Ordered these and wasn't expecting much from the reviews. I am very happy with the purchase. Good suction and they stay on pretty well when using lube.

Love (Kareemkakes)

I'm not really a big guy on nipple play because my nipples are not sensitive but it was interesting she is and I would recommend it for those that are starting off using nipple suckers it is better I think for those with larger nipples compared to those with smaller sized nipples if you're looking for that more perky effect after use these would not be the best butt definitely has a good suction to it

Love love LOVE (a)

My boyfriend and I got these to spicy up the bedroom and wow did they ever work! My nipples were even more sensitive they fit around my piercings so that was a bonus! Plus the fact they can go anywhere makes them even better! Would for sure recommend!

Increase nipple erection and sensation (Dee Anna)

Amazing product! I use the nipple suckers twice daily for nipple training. The results have! The sensation in my nipples has returned and I love how erect they get with the slightest stimulation. I'm a believer in nipple training! :) Great product!

love (jolen)

very pleased: holds well, good suction and will stick anywhere I have tried on the body so far ;) over all fun to play with the size fit a small bullet from another product I had and didn't like. Sure to find endless ways to play with these if creative!

Felt great! (K)

Good suction...if you're by yourself, it's nice to free up your hands. My BF really enjoyed them too.

Surprising (Reg)

Good suction, it stay in place