It works (Anonymous)

I was not sure which one to get, so I just decided on this one. I ordered it on a Friday morning and it was at my door Monday morning. Great product, easy to use, and gets the job done. I would definitely recommend it.

Great for beginners (Anonymous)

Never used one before, didn't know what to get or how to use it... This was perfect. Simple, not many moving parts and pieces, really straight forward but not cheaply made, it does the job! Plus it's so easy to clean.

Great! (Anonymous)

This product works like a charm! Easy to use, easy to glows in the dark!

Product description

A classic anal cleansing tool featuring simple user friendly construction and a handy glow-in-the-dark insertion tip, the Anal Douche is perfectly portable and extremely effective, setting up in a snap for on-the-go play prep.

Extra slim at the 2.5 inch (6.4cm) tip, the Douche nozzle screws securely to a soft red reservoir pump ball. Slip one of two water-tight O-rings over the base of the ball before affixing the nozzle- this step ensures a snug seal. Fill the ball valve beforehand or place the attached tip into a chosen cleansing fluid and squeeze to draw it into the reservoir.

In skin safe PVC plus firm plastic, the Anal Douche disassembles easily for thorough cleaning.

  • Color: Red

SKU: CE-0379-11-3 | UPC: 716770017963 | MPN: SE-0379-11-3 (12)

Ratings / Reviews

Does the job (Brat)

Some reviews were saying it was difficult to use...but I used it with ease and I'm a small girl. The glow in the dark nozzle made me chuckle

Works fine (L)

Knowing some techniques, as to body position, helps but overall pretty good.

Great (Anonymous)

Does the job, hasn’t leaked. Reason for 4 and not 5 stars is I just wish it had a little more water (but that would probably mean it would be harder to hold).

Does watch its sepposed to! (DO)

Does exactly what it's sepposed to so no complaints there!
I do wish the body of it was softer to squeeze so it could be done with one hand.

Very useful (dani)

Try it out for the first time. Very easy to use and does the job

Great Toy (Anonymous)

Product does the job and very pleased with how it works!

Good and Affordable (Anonymous)

Does the job as intended. No discomfort and easily cleaned.

It gets the job done (Anonymous)

The tip of the one I had was a bit sharp and the bulb isn't particularly flexible. But it gets the job done!

Does it's job. (Anonymous)

Overall works fine. The tip is a bit sharp due to how the plastic is moulded, but can be fixed easily. Make sure to check it before use and remove any edges.

Works well (D)

Does what it needs to and at a great price. Only con is the ball is a little stiff.

Works Great (Dan)

Does what its suppose to do. Best one for the price bulb is stiff at first but softens up once its filled with hot water.

Great (David)

Its not very expensive and it works.

Decent (Anonymous)

Works well and it's pretty cheap :)

Easy to use and practical (Anonymous)

This is a really simple thing, and something that is easy to pack. It's designed well and works very well.

Works very well (Anonymous)

Comfortable to use and easy to keep clean. This was the first douche I have ever tried and I love it. Exactly what I was looking for.

works ok (Anonymous)

does the job

Small but mighty (MK)

It's definitely smaller than what I expected, however it works better than anything else I've had. The bulb is a bit too hard to use all the water contents and the end of the tube that you insert is a bit harsh, but the fact that it's easy to clean and it doesn't splash back/leak makes up for it

Easy (Anonymous)

Great and simple product that does the job

Works as intended (Anonymous)

Gets the job done!

Helpful! (Anonymous)

Good size, works well- and affordable!

Glowy (Anonymous)

It does what it's supposed to do!

But, the tip glows in the dark. Why? I would rather that it didn't, so it's less conspicuous.

Works as intended (Anonymous)

Nothing fancy but hey it is great for those who need something like this at a lower price. Does a great job.

Simple, cheap and effective. (Adonis)

It is very simple, it does the job, and it's on the cheap!

A-OK (George)


Good (Christopher)

Good lube. Drops from pour spout a bit. Pump might be better.

Good (Christopher)

Basic, but easy to use and clean
Does what it is supposed to.

Good so far (Anonymous)

The bulb is a bit stiff but overall does the job.

Works well (Dave)

As expected for its use. A little flip in the inside make it a little long to dry after cleanup but its not really a problem.

It works (Anonymous)

This product gets the job done. You need to take it slow while inserting it as the tip is a bit pointy. Great price.

Works Perfectly (Anonymous)

Such an amazing product. I've never used one of these until recently and it really does an amazing job. I'd recommend this to anyone that's looking into one.