Anal Lube 3.4oz/96g in Natural

Doc Johnson

4.75 Based On 28 Reviews

Anal Lube 3.4oz/96g in Natural

Doc Johnson Based On 28 Reviews

Heaven in a bottle (Anonymous)

This stuff works great! Enough said =)

Backdoor (Anonymous)

Best lube I've use

Thick but very slippery! (Lisa)

I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of the texture of the lube. Turns out it's almost the consistency of Vaseline, but quickly warms up in your hands, and almost "liquify". First time buying this anal lube, and I will probably buy again in the future. There's no scent, a little goes a long way. And it's not greasy feeling! Warning - it will stain your bed sheets if you aren't careful. I learnt this they hard way lol.

Product description

An advanced-level lube from Doc Johnson, Anal Glide provides tons of extreme slipperiness along with a thick texture formulated to last and last. Ideal for backdoor play and masturbation, Glide's intense slickness won't need to be re-applied nearly as often as a water based formula- this lube is oil based, and will resist most moisture.

NOT safe for use with condoms or most toy materials, Anal Glide was designed for skin-to-skin doings only. Not intended for vaginal use.

  • Size: 3.4 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Anal Lube

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Ratings / Reviews

. (Richard)

Great quality at a reasonable price. Don't use on "flesh like skin" products. Not for TPR materials.

Bff (Anonymous)

This will be your best friend forever

the best I have found (back door lover)

This stuff is awesome, don't know how my wife ever did me without it. Used with a lube applicator there is no mess, made for a mind blowing night.

Love this stuff (Anonymous)

Bought this to try out with a new dildo I bought, thought it would help with the larger toy, boy was I right, doesn't take much and the toy slid right in, will be buying more

INCREDIBLE (Anonymous)

This stuff is phenomenal! Beats all lubes on the market for ass play. Every other lube we tried burned, or wasn't thick enough, or was too thick. Coconut oil was nice, but wasn't thick enough. Vaseline was nice and thick to start some play, but definitely not healthy, and you have to move slowly. THIS STUFF WORKS MAGIC! You can ease anything into you, and when you're relaxed, you can take it fast and rough. Pretty much a game-changer... Recommended an absolute MUST for all ass play, large or small

Perfect ! (M&M)

To us this is a perfect lube . Does what it is suppose to do and clean is easy .

Good lube (Man)

Its good anal lube. But the water based lubes are better.

Excellent (Cole)

Excellent anal lube. Like Vaseline. Pump bottle is great. Lube doesn't wear out

Lasts long, no smell! (Anonymous)

Better than my water based lube. No scent, great spread, does however take more to wash off from skin and will stay inside you a bit longer than water lube. Love it

Great butt lube (Anonymous)

A bit greasy but works great. Works excellent with my silicone toy in shower. Only down side doesnt clean up that great "with hot water". Leaves skin soft afterwards.

Looking for a good anal lub (Ken)

I hope that this works, I'm not gay, but I love it when my wife gets the strap-on out because I know that she is planning to Use me and I love it, we are both in are 50's and just got into anal play, I never thought that it would feel so great but it does, im looking for something that doesn't dry out so fast, because the longer she is giving it to me the better I love it.

Real good (James)

Slippery and long lasting - deffs buying again. Mix with some spit to make it mind blowing. Boyfriend had me moaning involuntarily all day

A little goes a long way (Discovering_together)

The best lubricant we tried by far. The pump makes it easy to get as much as required. Easy to clean does not leave sticky residue.

Perfect (Anonymous)

Works great smell ok

makes anal tons of fun and easy for anyone (married couple)

This lube is amazing. Recently bough a few more bottles. Makes anal possible for anyone! Slides right in.

Absolutely the best! (Chris)

We have tried others but nothing compares... A little goes a long way with this stuff... It is all we use from now on!

Great! (kyen)

great product ... could use a barrel of this stuff

Love this stuff !! (Ashley)

Amazing product ! I never was into anal before because no matter how much lube it wasn't comfortable let alone enjoyable, my boyfriend is large and it hurts... But with this stuff it's amazing and something I'm into now, he's happy because he loves it! And I'm happy because I can enjoy it now

The best (Sam)

This is fantastic lube. I use it all the time and don't use anything else. Nothing compares to it.

Gold Standard (Paul)

It's industrial strength lube so it lasts a long time! Thankfully no scent and the glide is phenomenal . This must be a porn industry product , cause I have yet to find a comparable product , it's that good! I will be sure to keep buying this brand . Gold standard product.

It's ok (tunnel of love)

I know some people love this lube but I found it overly sticky. I like that it lasts a long time but for me, it required A LOT of it to make the sting/burning sensation of anal thrusting tolerable. It's just "ok" but I know better lubes exist

awesome (Anonymous)

The best anal friend!

super produit (Anonymous)

Super produit un des meilleur

slickadee-slick (CLAUDE)

I'm willing to bet this lube is second to no other, doesn't dry out as quickly as other anal lubes. BEST LUBE EVER in my opinion and i highly recommend it. i wish there was a 10 star option.

Good stuff, my new fav (Anonymous)

I've used this for play with some of my glass toys, the consistency is somewhat like Vaseline, it can form some weird clumps but overall good stuff, no irritation or smell. Things went more smoothly with this stuff than with other water based and silicone lubes I've tried.