Apollo Power Stroker in Black

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Well now... lol

This product is pretty insane. Lady friend used one of those wands on me once. Same make, same motor with the 30 cycles of vibrations. They have cover sleeves for men for those but now I feel like you may as well use this. Creates suction and noises that simulate a blow job, but does not go deep. Stays around the tip. The vibrations sit right where it should and makes it feel amazing. Easy to clean and maintain. I'm pretty sensitive so this is a great toy for those days you want to edge for a while before you pop!



This is super and one of my favourite toys. Perfect size for me. Im not large nor small and fits great. The real feel of suction when pulling out and lots of different settings and speeds to choose from.



Does what U want very well.

Product description

A completely self-contained masturbator from California Exotic Novelties' male-centric Apollo collection, the Power Stroker offers amazing deep throat penetration plus thirty 30 incredible functions of vibration to pleasure sessions.

This versatile piece is extremely user friendly, boasting a lightweight shape that fits comofrotably in hand in any position. Two simple activation buttons cue an impressive range of vibrating options while a separate power button shuts things down in a flash.

A hands-free suction swivel mount is included with the Power Stroker, simply remove the battery cap and screw the mount in place. Apply the suction cup to any firm flat surface before adjusting the angle.

The Power Stroker's inner sleeve is made of unscented TPR (thermoplastic rubber), while its outer casing is made of firm ABS plastic, both of which are completely body-safe and 100% phthalate-free. Requires 4 AA batteries (sold separately).

* The Power Stroker's total length is approx. 9", width is 4" at widest point. 

SKU: CE-0849-10-3 | UPC: 716770079473 | MPN: SE-0849-10-3 (52)

SKU: CE-0849-10-3  |  UPC: 716770079473 |  MPN: SE-0849-10-3 (52)

Ratings / Reviews


the way it was made the best orgasm


Amazing product!

This actually feels amazing! No need to do anything and it actually creates suction! The different settings are endless.


Frolicking Fun

I can only say, I would have liked to have this when I was twenty years old. I can recommend it to anyone, it's a fun item even in old age. I wish the real thing had these moves!


Travel buddy

Bought this for my husband he travels alot. He takes this with him this is an awesome travel companion for him.



this product dont take long if your not careful it feels absolutly amazing


Great Head

this thing is amazing.Its the first male vibrator we have tried.I only wish it was 3"-4" deeper, the reason I only give it 4 stars, it also has lots of different speeds to try


Good but not deep

This product is great but you can't go that deep into it so more just for the tip..... but got it on sale so its okay


Good vibes

The suction cup works incredibly well for hands free action. Cleanup is a breeze and thus far the battery life seems supurb for the product.


works as advertised

Could be deeper with more distinct settings.


could have been perfect...

After first use I was blown away - if you'll excuse the pun. I'd never used a toy, let alone a vibrating toy, and was very pleased with the sensation...

I agree with the prior comment saying it needs to be another inch (or so) deeper in order to allow for a true deep throat experience...

Also, after a few uses the internal rubber began separating from the "mouth", and I had to attempt a repair with liquid cement... and even that needs to be redone now that some time has passed. (Probably a symptom of needing that additional inch or two!)


Oh my!

Took me 2 or 3 time to get used to it, but now...
I have so much fun with it.
And really good orgasm.
Would recommand.


Wish it was bigger

This would be awesome if it was about 2 inches longer. Very loud though.


feels nice

Works great, woould gave it a 5 star if it was an inch deeper. Done the Job well.


Great Head

Pros: great product, easy to clean, amazing suction for the head, if you stroke it up and down it feels like you are getting head (and with the noises too). The vibes are amazing - add quite a bit of variety.

Cons: It only stimulates the top part/mushroom of the penis. It doesn't stimulate the base/shaft and not deep enough.... if it was about 3 inches deeper it would be better.

Overall: I recommend this.... quality built and smooth, easy to use, easy clean up... hence 4 out of 5. This is my first vibrator after researching all the other ones on this website. I will definitely purchase a few more and write reviews.


Feels good

This item feels good overall, but wasn't really what I was expecting. But it gets the job done, and cleanup is a snap.



It is a great toy but not made for large ppl



This is an amazing experience, it has several variable speeds and if you're into tight this is your baby. If you're working on stamina this is exactly what you're looking for. Start off slow and work your way up. Really good buy!


Fantastic vibes

Have bought other strikers and none of them compare to this. Not able to insert very much but it hits all the right places. Battery life seems reasonable as well.


Pretty good.

This product is pretty good. I would like to say if you are a bigger guy like myself. It will be a very snug fit (Girth wise). It only allows you to insert roughly 3 inches inside anyways. It has vibration modes that will be a constant vibrate or pulses which go seem to have slow, medium and faster level with different rhythms. This will make you finish but it took me over an hour without any movement. With a little "jerk" movement it got me to finish around 40-45 minutes. I will say this is great to have attached under my computer desk so I can do stuff online while enjoying the pleasure it gives.



I have owned several "Power Strokers" before.
THIS ONE....!!!!!!!



Best sexual device I have ever used!


Great Product

I love the feeling that this product give's


Works Geat

Love the different settings. Just let it do it's thing.


Good Product

Just laid in bed reading and let the Apollo Power Stroker do its job,Lots of different speeds but had to keep the vibs low or would have cum too soon,