Bend Over Beginner Harness Kit in Black

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Fantastic start

This was a new toy for our bedroom. It really was a fantastic toy that both of us enjoy and turns us on. Hot hot hot


Excellent Choice for Strap-On Beginners

I'd say the Bend Over Beginner kit is a great choice for anyone looking to use strap-ons that's unfamiliar with them. The harness is made of comfortable nylon webbing, and can truly be adjusted to fit a person of any size comfortably. The soft velvet patch that protects the harness-wearer's skin from the O-ring and dildo base does the job nicely and has a little pocket for a bullet vibe that comes with the kit. The bullet is nothing out of the ordinary - powerful enough for stimulation but not orgasm. When worn as part of the harness with a dildo attached, very few of the vibrations reach the dildo. I usually use this harness without it. The two dildos that come with the set are fairly floppy jelly toys, but they are nice and small for anal beginners. A partner and I found them too flexible for what we wanted to do, but they would be great for someone who is just starting out. The kit comes with three different o-rings, which is nice, as it can accommodate other dildos you may already own or eventually work up to later.
All in the all, this kit is a perfect starter kit at an excellent price - absolutely the perfect thing for those curious about pegging.


Husbands First

I purchased this harness to try on my husband and he was willing to give it a try. I strapped on the harness with ease and started with the smaller dildo as he was new to this. I lubed him well with Anal Ease he took it well the first time and he enjoyed the ride. I have trained now wear he asks for me to do him often. I love the feeling I get when I do him now and he likes being on recieving end. I will soon have him asking for a larger dildo!

Product description

Offering playful mates comfy, user-friendly styling and the choice of two ultra silky silicone dildos, Tantus's ever-popular (and for good reason!) Bend Over Beginner Kit proves itself extremely useful during pegging, girlsex and otherwise pleasurable situations.

The Bend Over's classic harness is soft against the skin and super-secure once all strapped in. Tug the nylon straps through sturdy plastic slider fasteners to reach that perfect fit. Set dead center of the velvety yoke, one of two included O-ring snaps into place. Slip an appropriately sized ring over the base of the included Silk Small or Medium, or give new purpose to a tried and true favorite.

Adding in some buzzy thrills, a discreet pocket sewn to the backside of Bend Over Beginner's yoke holds an included single-speed bullet vibe. Switch it up for a favorite mini vibe if the mood strikes, or slip it in a purse or pocket to satisfy on-the-go-stimulation cravings.

In premium Tantus silicone, the included dildos are easily cleaned and maintained- some warm soapy water or a good toy cleansing fluid works well for everyday clean-up. Always enjoy a good water based lubricant, silicone based lubes should be avoided, as should contact with other silicone toys and tools. The waterproof bullet vibe requires 3 LR44 cell batteries, which are included. The Bend Over Beginner Harness fits up to a 60 inch (152cm) waist.

*Measurements below represent the Silk Small dildo. The Medium measures approximately 4.9" (12.4cm) insertable and 1" (2.5cm) in diameer

  • Length: 4.5"
  • Insertable Length: 3.9"
  • Girth: 2.4" at largest point
  • Width: 0.75" at largest point
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Phthalate-Free, Smooth Surface, Waterproof

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Ratings / Reviews

Wow, first time joyful experiment

In all honesty, this was my first time trying out pegging. Product was compatible with ID hybrid silk lubricant. Big plus for me since water base is a bummer for anal sex. Small dildo is no bigger that a finger (too small to be really pleasurable). But thank god it was because my wife was dedicated for an all out i am bagging you experiment, lol.....anyhow, medium silk was used after (slowly i should add) and i had absolutely no problem with the size of it. It is a 100 times better that a prostate massage for my part and the roll play is awesome. High quality product with no seams or defect. vibe is really strong. harness fits well and comfortable (so she says). easy to clean, but attracts lots of dust or anything it touches. Got it for a superb price, thank you pink cherry!!! you make my marriage that more enjoyable.


Really great for beginners

Great for beginners, fit my girlfriend like a glove and she felt really comfortable and powerful wearing it and the dildos are a great size for first timers. Only used the smaller one three times before we went up to the bigger size.


Fits perfectly

I had such a hard time finding a strap-on harness that would fit well, be comfortable, and move with me while I'm thrusting. After checking out some really expensive harnesses at high-end sex stores, a friend who had this lent me hers, and I loved it. It's durable, easy to wash, and easily adjustable to fit different body types.

The dildos that came with the harness were a lot smaller than I expected, but would be good for beginner anal play. I just switched them out for larger dildos, which was easy to do.


First Timers

Very very pleased with this new toy! Not intimidating for me and wife loves it!!


Bend over beginner strap on



Great kit for first timers

-Comfortable to wear
-2 sizes of dildos (the smaller one is very small, so perfect if you're a beginner)
-The bullet vibes A LOT

I recommend it very much. I have shopped for a while trying to find a kit for me and my boyfriend and I'm not disapointed at all. Can't wait to use it again.


Go strapon !!!

Wow !! My wife and I used this product. It took 3 weeks before she decided to use it on me . What an experience!!! No pain , just pleasure had 2 orgasms from it . Definitely a great start strongly recommend this product for beginners . Harness was easy to put on and my wife said it was comfortable. Looking forward to the next level!


Perfect Fit

We were very excited to receive this product. Shipping was fast, so the fun began right away.
The product itself is high quality and we have had many fun experiences with it so far. Worth the investment for the bedroom. We hope you enjoy this product as much as we do.


Awesome time

It was my first time We got itand that night my girlfriend put the harness on (she said it fit amazing) we started with the small dildo with lot of lube. She slowly push it in my ass after some time of her ridding me. I was so turn on we decided to try the big dildo it felt unbelievable great. I was so turn on. I was dripping lots pre-cum and my girlfriend started to give me a reach around and turn on the vibator and I cum so fast after the vibator start but my girlfriend just kept go it felt so great


Good choice

C'est un produit tr s cool ! C'est mon premier mais je l'aime beaucoup. Par contre, ile faudra racheter une grandeur de plus. Je le recommande!

It is a good product! It is my first but I like it. But I will buy an other aize. I recomand it all the way!


New to Pegging

My boyfriend and I wanted to try pegging and this kit provided us with an affordable, excellent way to start. The harness is easy to clean, very adjustable and relatively comfortable.

My boyfriend liked the option of starting with a smaller dildo and we're looking forward to working up to the larger one and on from there. It's great that this harness comes with another o-ring so that it's compatible with further dildos as both of you become more experienced.

The only reason I'm giving it four stars is that the vibe doesn't really do much for either of us.


Great, just as described

This is my first toy ever. It looks and feels exactly as described. The smaller dildo is quite small, but the larger one is a perfect size for beginners. It's soft to the touch but firm enough to deliver enough pressure for pleasure.



The product is high quality and feels amazing for both partners. The smaller version is a bit too small to my liking (it's basically the size of a finger), the medium one is much better.


Really great product!!!!!!

My partner and I are AFAB trans folks and we got the kit so we could more easily be face-to-face during sex, and we were pretty impressed with it! First off, the harness is very comfortable and we initially thought that it wouldn't fit both of us as we have very different hip sizes, but the straps for the waist AND legs are completely adjustable and we didn't have any issues at all!!!! In the harness there's also a secret pocket for the vibrating bullet (which is fantastic btw) and the vibrations are strong enough that they can be felt on the recieving end of the dildo. The only disappointment was that the dildos that came in the kit were a lot smaller than we were expecting and we would have rather gotten something a little larger. One of the biggest selling points for us was that the dildos were inexpensive and made of silicon and finding high quality silicon toys (or even body-safe toys) can be a really difficult task.


First time for everything!

My boyfriend talked about his desire to be pegged and I was game. I did a lot of research and decided upon this kit. My research paid off! I love this easy to use comfortable harness which for me is the foundation of the product. The dildos are very plain but great for newbies. And the fact that this harness can be used with other dildos makes this product so versatile. Get it if you're thinking of trying this out on your man!


New to pegging

We have engaged in anal and prostate stimulation before and were curious to try pegging. This beginners' kit is the perfect place to start. For one, the sale price is unbeatable. The quality harness fits over her wide hips very comfortably and securely. The size and shape of the dildos are great starters. We haven't tried the bullet vibe yet. It should be good, although I'm not a big fan of LR44 batteries.


Super product

Super kit for begginners, solo or duo play. The material is super easy to wash, has no odor ( the chemical being stable). The length of both is ideal for p-spot stimulation. Crazy price for what its worth!


Ideal for a starter

The harness is really comfortable and easy to use. The two dildos included have a perfect size for begginers, but honestly we moved fast to the bigger one. The shape are nice and the material becomes really slippery with any good lube but is still really easy to wash!
Also, the two rings included makes your harness compatible with other dildos.
Honestly, it's a really good strap-on, it's come with everything you need to start with anal. Also, the packaging is sober, not heteronormative or sexist, if your sensible to that kind of thing, it's a plus!



Surprised the wife with this and she was all for it. Told her it was her turn!!! She said it felt great and was easy to use. She looked sexy as hell wearing it too. All I can say is WOW! Just wish the smaller dildo was a little longer. Other than that, perfect set!!!!!!!


First timer!

We bought this to explore pegging and now we are loving it! Great starter size and really comfortable ready to move up to a larger dildo now!!!! I love the control I have while wearing this.


Pegging Beginner

My boyfriend and I received this a few days ago. We wanted to experiment with prostate Orgasm! We've tried other toys from this site for anal stimulation..and now have worked our way up to this harness beginner kit. It was just perfect. It has everything from starting out with the small and working your way up to the larger size dildo. The vibrator that you insert in the front pouch of the harness is powerful and delivers pleasure. I really enjoy the comfort of the harness. My boyfriend really like the feel of the dildos. Easy to clean too. I can't say enough....what a great starter kit. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to explore a pegging experrience.