The Sugar Sak BioShield 75 Storage Solution Large in Black

Sugar Sak 4.73 4.73/5 Based On 37 Reviews

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Well made

Really well made and fits my rabbit no problem.


Nice bag

It's a nice large bag. Holds almost all my toys and keeps them clean.


Couldn't ask for anything more!

It's definitely reliable technology, cleanly, pretty, and cool. It's a must have.

Product description

A beautiful, satiny, sturdily stitched storage solution, the revolutionary Sugar Sak not only provides a safe haven for toy in between uses or during travel, but also keeps them safer and cleaner than ever before thanks to a unique, patented BioShield 75 inner layer.

Any conscious toy user will be well used to cleaning favorite toys thoroughly before and after use, but unsanitary storage conditions can sometimes undo all that good-intentioned effort. Approved by the USDA and EPA, BioShield 75 is an extraordinarily durable protective material that acts as a safe and more natural antibacterial and antimicrobial inhibitant, preventing the growth of bugs, germs, fungus' and yeasts, all of which have the potential to cause irritation and infection. By storing your more treasured pleasure tools inside between uses, a higher level of safety and cleanliness is very effectively accomplished.

Aside from improving your overall toy maintenance routine, the Sugar Sak is truly gorgeous, showcasing glossy, silky fabric at the exterior, and a playful black and white spotted interior. Securely stitched into the upper portion, a satiny drawstring closes securely for worry-free storage and simple portability.

The Large Sugar Sak is 7 inches (18cm) wide with a depth of 13.5 inches (34.3cm), offering more than enough room for most average-sized toys.

*BIOSHIELD 75™ is unique. It creates a strong bond with a multitude of surfaces, porous and non-porous, forming a highly durable protective coating. Its molecules form a microscopic field of “spikes” that puncture microbes without the use of poisons. Since BioShield 75's methodology is mechanical instead of toxious, it does not create "superbugs" which build up a resistance to treatment (much like antibiotics can). BioShield is applied liberally to the Sugar Sak thus providing maximum protection.

SKU: BIZ-331625 | UPC: 852669331625 | MPN: SUGAR SAK - BLACK LG (74)

SKU: BIZ-331625  |  UPC: 852669331625 |  MPN: SUGAR SAK - BLACK LG (74)

Sugar Sak
Ratings / Reviews

Stylish secret storage

A pretty and discreet bag. Nice smooth silky feel, with a super cute leopard print on the inside. It's a bit smaller than I imagined it would be, but it's roomy. Though if you got a lot of toys then you might need another bag or a bigger storage case.


Must have

If you have any toys at all, this is a must have to create a barrier between your beloved tools and the harsh elements of this planet. Keep em clean ladies


Love these bags!

I love these bags. They are very well made. As they should be, because they are certainly not cheap. Great investment though.


Happy to have bought this.

Was larger then what I expected to be and holds my toy it's charger and, the cleanser I bought. A plus that it's made out of great materials.


Great bag

Large enough to hold our larger toys yet still discreet and sexy.


Toy bag

Perfect size toy bag! Wish it was a little bigger for storage. But perfect for taking things on the go


Just cute and perfect

This bag is really long so anything can fit in this really beautifully crafted bag! I love it! It's a little jewel for your toys!


100% necessity

We all know that it is important to remain hygienic, so this pouch is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of your toys. The size is fairly big, as a few toys at most would fit quite nicely in it. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a toy for sensitive areas.



Good price and the material feels durable, I just wish these bags came in smaller sizes as well.


Stellar storage

The Sugar Sak is one of the best bags for my storage needs. I didn't think it would fit a my Echo handle, Realdoe and P-Spot wand but sure enough it does. It has a nice feel and its make is pretty durable and doesn't feel weak or easy to snap, as well the drawstrings don't knot up like some other bags. Both the pink and black bags are just swell and the internal pattern is a nice touch, it also helps to see what is actually inside the bag rather than just being dark inside too. The only thing that can be tedious is taking things out with a lot of drag on them because the internal patterned bag hangs freely within the silky outer layer and isn't stitched down at the corners from within (like some jeans pockets). This means the bag can get a bit crumpled or turned inside out if you yank something out super fast.


Love it

Great for toys that don't come with their own storage solutions. I'll probably add one of these bags to each of my orders in the future.

I recommend having one of these bags for each toy you own. After all, you don't want to ruin your expensive play things by cramming them all into a single bag.


Peace of Mind

Discreet, Clean, and Spacious: you can store a lot in it and it doesn t stand out if your moving things around. And the added thought of cleanliness ( I didn t go into the whole research on the material) just helps. Easy to wash if you don t trust it too.


problem solved

got this for my lover and her toy collection and now have 3! great to keep thing clean safe and away from prying eyes, perfect for traveling too! if you like to be organized then this is a great solution.


ok purchase

Love the size of the bag as I can fit several items in at a time but it has a very strong chemical order. Now sure how long it will take for it to go away and a little hesitant to use it until then. Might purchase another one in the future.



These are perfect for travel or just to store you favorite toys.


Fits more than expected

I have officially bought two of these now (one pink one black) just for toy separation, but it fits much more than I expect and it an adorable easy to use storage option.


Very nice!

I was very pleased with the Sugar Sak. It was larger than I expected and appears to be a quality product. It also came in really neat packaging. I just might order a few more!


Does its job.

I have a lot of toys, and bought this more to separate different silicone toys than to keep everything together. It does the job with the added benefit of knowing it was meant to be in contact with sex toys.


Good quality

This is a nice and big quality bag, love the silky touch. Really worth the price!


Love it

Love these! I wish they came in smaller sizes too.



This was perfect for what I wanted, helps me keep everything clean, organized, and discreet.


Good Buy!

Definitely happy with this item. Wishing it came in a bigger size, but no complaints otherwise.


Great storage!

We bought this with our first order of toys, and it has been very handy. It's great because it stores everything we already have and there's some room for more still, and it's just nice to have them all in one place that's keeps them hidden. Will be buying another one of these whenever we run out of room ;)


Tasteful storage for Tasty products!

I love this product! It's sleek and subtle and yet holds quite a few toys for it's size. (I have 2 vibrators, a dildo and 3 sets of Ben Wa balls + lube in mine and still have space) it keeps toys all together and clean. My only critique is that it would be nice if it had a small compartment to keep condoms or small accessories in.


Good but a little small

It does the job of storage, but it only fits so much. Will still pick up more should they ever be needed.


Perfect, affordable!

We bought this when we purchased our first toys from this website, and it's perfect! It fits all of the ones we own already in one bag, so it is perfect for our needs right now. It's longer than it is wider, so if you have wider toys you might need something a littler bigger. We like the discreetness of the black. Also love that the material helps keep your toys clean! If we buy more toys we would definitely be buying another one of these bags!


Decent product

I use it to hold a few toys of non-conflicting materials. Collects things in a nice discrete package. I wish it were a little larger, and also it tends to grip onto "fleshy" toys like silicone dildos, requiring them to be the first in and last out of the bag. Happy with it though and a good price. Nice packaging too!



Love these sacs! They keep my toys all tidy and separate.


perfect storage

These bags are cute and fit most of my toys. I love the antimicrobial properties-it's great knowing my toy is as clean when I take it back out as when I put it in!



All in all the bag is good, but the quality doesn't seem to be that durable. Only time will tell I guess...