Blueline Steel Sperm Ball Tipped Stopper with Ring

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SKU: EE-283400 | UPC: 4890808283400 | MPN: BLM9016 (0)

SKU: EE-283400 | UPC: 4890808283400 | MPN: BLM9016 (0)

Did it catch your eye? Good! Blueline's Steel Sperm Stopper might be the tool you've been searching for - if what you've been searching for is simultaneous stimulation plus ejaculation control, that is.

Holding tight around the tip of your or your penis-owning partner's cock, the Stopper positions a tiny steel sphere into the urethra. Not only does the pressure and unique sensation of urethral penetration (aka stuffing, penis plugging, urethra probing) feel amazing for some folks, but the ball-tipped Plug can help slow or even stop ejaculation. Preventing ejaculation can obviously prolong sex and/or self-pleasure; plus, when orgasm finally comes, it's often intensified. Win/win!

The Sperm Stopper is hinged for easy positioning of the urethral Plug. Slip the ring over the tip of the penis in question, then gently insert the Plug.

Use your Sperm Stopper with lots of high-quality water-based lube, and always stop if you feel resistance or pain.

The Stopper's slick, nonporous stainless steel surface is easy to clean. You can wash it well with soapy water, use a favorite toy care formula, boil it, or run it through the dishwasher. Please make sure it's squeaky clean BEFORE inserting it.

  • Height - 2.75"/6.98cm 
  • Diameter (ring) - 1.25"/3.2cm
  • Diameter (plug) - .25"/5mm
  • Weight - 15g
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