Clean Stream Deluxe Shower Enema Kit

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SKU: XR-053701 | UPC: 848518053701 | MPN: AH319 (11)

SKU: XR-053701 | UPC: 848518053701 | MPN: AH319 (11)

When we talk about anal sex and general butt-focused merriment, as we often do, cleanliness is a topic that tends to come up. For many folks, being fresh around back is key to feeling sexy and confident during butt play. Enter Clean Stream's Deluxe Shower Enema Kit! 

The Kit is easy to set up almost anywhere; all you'll need is somewhere high and sturdy to hang the bag, a strong arm, or a tall partner. This Enema uses good old gravity to send your enema fluid of choice through tons of tubing and one of five included nozzle tips.  

Fill the premium rubber enema bag with up to 1.85L of liquid and hang it high after attaching the hose and picking your nozzle. An on/off valve controls water/liquid speed, and a flow control clamp pauses and resumes flow as needed. The best part? Everything packs up nice and neat for easy portability. 


  • 14"/36cm by 7.5"/19cm rubber enema bag
  • 77"/195.6cm of PVC and PP plastic tubing with flow clamp
  • Hook hanger in stainless steel and PVC
  • Hook hanger in ABS plastic
  • 3 flexible tips - 3.5"/8.9cm insertable, .5"/1.3cm at widest
  • Tapered tip 2.4"/6cm insertable, .5/1.3cm at widest
  • Nozzle tip - 5.1"/12.9cm insertable, .5/1.3cm at widest
  • Flow clamp
  • 2 plastic stoppers
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