Commander XL Electric Penis Pump


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Product Description

SKU: NASS-3048-1 | UPC: 782631304817 | MPN: 3048-1 (6)

SKU: NASS-3048-1 | UPC: 782631304817 | MPN: 3048-1 (6)

An extra user friendly (and not actually electric!) pump that works its firming magic with automatic ease, the Commander XL Electric Penis Pump easily and very pleasurably draws blood into a penis in question. The result? A harder erection, more sensation, and a bigger, thicker looking shaft. Win/win! 

Aside from the visual and sensory after-effects - the extra long, crystal clear design naturally magnifies what's inside (your penis!), so the very act of using this great pump is pretty exciting all on its own. One of three included super-soft TPR sleeves (in small, medium and large) can be fitted over the mouth of the pump, where it'll cling snugly to your shaft for an airtight seal. 

Use a little water based lube to slip past your chosen sleeve into the firm pump cylinder. Once you're comfortable, activate automatic suction by hitting the black button. The red button just above releases pressure instantly, one you've reached your pumping goal.

Fully rechargeable via USB, the Commander XL Electric Penis Pump requires no batteries or electricity, simply connect to any available USB port using the included charge cord.

In sturdy polycarbonate, AB plastic and supple TPR, the Commander is easy to clean using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any favorite water based lube. Not rated for use in water. 

* The Commander XL is approximately 13.5"/34.3cm long, 10"/ 25.4cm penetrable and about 2.5"/6.4cm wide. The included sleeves are 1.13, 1.38 and 1.5" in diameter