gläs 3pc Helmet Head Glass Anal Training Kit

Electric Eel

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SKU: EE-283066 | UPC: 4890808283066 | MPN: GLAS-SET-10 (20)

SKU: EE-283066 | UPC: 4890808283066 | MPN: GLAS-SET-10 (20)

Hey, what are you doing later? You could always get into some philosophical problems (i.e., if you look into a crystal butt plug, can you see the future?), or you could skip it and get one of gläs's 3pc Helmet Head Glass Anal Training Kit Plugs into you!

There's lots to love about these super-sturdy, penetrators. First of all, they're for everyone! G-spots, P-spots, A-spots, and inner pleasure places in general are no match for the three firm, contoured, penis-inspired shapes.

Depending on your experience and/or comfort level, you can start small and work your way up, or dive right in with a big one.

If you or a partner are fans of temperature play, you can soak your Helmet Heads in warm or cold water beforehand.

In hypoallergenic pyrex glass, the Kit is body-safe, easy to clean, and good to go with any lube you love. Wash your Plugs well before and after playtime with soapy water or a favorite toy care fluid/foam and store them carefully to keep the slick surface scratch and chip-free.

  • Large - 5.5"/14cm penetrable, 1.85"/4.7cm wide, 5.75"/14.6cm circumference
  • Medium - 4.5"/11.4cm penetrable, 1.6"/4cm wide, 5"/12.7cm circumference
  • Small - 3.5"/8.9cm penetrable, 1.45"/3.7cm wide, 4.5"/11.4cm in circumference
Electric Eel