Hosed Slim Tapered Anal Hose Training Set

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SKU: XR-043092 | UPC: 848518043092 | MPN: AG714 (79)

SKU: XR-043092 | UPC: 848518043092 | MPN: AG714 (79)

You may be familiar with the concept of the anal training set already, but just in case you're not, here's a summary. An anal training set is a collection (usually three, but sometimes more) of anal penetrators that range in size from small to large. The idea is that you'll start with the small and move up to the larger sizes when you're comfortable. Now, the Hosed Set is definitely an anal trainer, but this gigantic trio is meant to train you and your butt for some very extreme butt play. In short: Hosed is not for beginners!

Inside, you'll find three enormously long, super flexible plugs, all tapered, all relatively slim, and all finished by a sturdy suction base. That base is perfect for attaching your plug(s) of choice to shower walls or floors, but you can, of course, simply hold your Hose in hand.

Each Hose plug is tapered at the tip for easy insertion, but you will obviously be using tons of lube to help things slide and glide along comfortably. There's lots and lots of length to play with, no matter which size option you go with, and plenty of flexibility and positioning options.

In smooth PVC, the plugs inside the Hosed Slim Tapered Anal Hose Training Set are easy to clean with lots of warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam/spray. Compatible with any favorite water or silicone based lube.

* Featured measurements list the smallest plug. The Medium is about 16.75"/42.5cm long, 15.5"/39.4cm penetrable and 1.75"/4.4cm at widest. The Large is 19.5"/49.5cm long in total, 18"/45.7cm penetrable and 1.9"/4.8cm at widest
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  • Length: 13.5"
  • Insertable Length: 12.5"
  • Width: 1.4" at largest point
  • Colour: Black