Lux Fetish Erotic Suction Cupping Set

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SKU: EE-245552 | UPC: 4890808245552 | MPN: LF5315 (2)

SKU: EE-245552 | UPC: 4890808245552 | MPN: LF5315 (2)

Curious about cupping? Maybe you've heard or read some rumours about pleasure potential of cupping, or even seen a few of those telltale cup-shaped marks on certain celebs, or maybe even your neighbor? Lux Fetish presents a fantastic beginner-friendly Erotic Suction Cupping Set that'll help your or a partner - or you and a partner- get acquainted with cupping - safely and sexily.

You've probably heard at least of few examples of suction being used in the sexual realm. Penis pumps, anyone? The function of suction in cupping practice is to draw blood into a specific area, which is thought to stimulate nerve endings, increase sensitivity, reduce numbness and...wait for it...boost arousal! Cupping has caught on in the BDSM community in recent years (it can leave a mark, or sub 'brand') , but it can also be used as a massage technique - sexual or non-sexual - and for relaxation and stress relief. 

Inside the Erotic Suction Cupping Set, you'll find six cups, two large, two medium, and two small. First, pick a cup that best fits and slip on the included hand pump, add a little lube or a favorite massage oil to the area of your or your partner's body to be cupped, press it into place, and squeeze the pump.

Try cupping their back, chest (nipples, too, if they're in the mood) and yes, genitals to explore the potential of increased blood flow for yourself. Just keep in mind the cupping WILL leave a mark - think of it as a very round hickey - so you might want to restrict cupping to usually-covered body areas.

In firm ABS plastic, PVC and silicone, the Erotic Suction Cupping Set is easy to clean with warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Travel sack included.

  • 6 variously sized cups (2 per size)
  • Trigger pump handle
  • Extension tubing
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