Master Series Tied Temptress Thigh Harness with Hog Tie

XR Brands

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Product Description

SKU: XR-054838 | UPC: 848518054838 | MPN: AH386 (6)

SKU: XR-054838 | UPC: 848518054838 | MPN: AH386 (6)

When you're exerting lots of sexy (always consensual!) and escape-proof control over your partner, there's nothing better than a great set of cuffs. Or a sturdy hogtie. Maybe a bondage belt? You can have all those things and more at your dominating disposal with the Master Series' Tied Temptress Set.

Inside, you'll find twelve pieces of gear ready to be mixed and matched in any way that suits the situation. Slip on the wide belt for instant hook-ups with the four included cuffs (two for wrists, two for ankles) or other gear you love, clip the cuffs to the classic hogtie connector to get and keep them in a compromising position, slide into the thigh cuffs or link the cuffs to each other with the included connectors.

In vegan (faux) leather with nickel-free metal, the Tied Temptress Set can be spot-cleaned as needed.


  • 1 Belt - 30-40"/76.2-101.6cm circumference
  • 2 Thigh Cuffs - 17.5-25"/44.4-63.5cm circumference
  • 2 Wrist Cuffs - 5-9.75"/12.7-24.8cm circumference
  • 2 Ankle Cuffs - 6.25-11.75"/15.9-29.9cm circumference
  • 2 Garters - 10.5-15.75"/27-40cm long (with clips)
  • 2 Cuff Connectors - 7.5"/19cm long
  • 1 Hog Tie Connector - 13.25"/33.7cm long straps
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