PDX Plus 360º Banger Masturbator in Light


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Product Description

SKU: PD-RD619-21 | UPC: 603912772319 | MPN: RD61921 (12)

SKU: PD-RD619-21 | UPC: 603912772319 | MPN: RD61921 (12)

Let's talk favorite positions! From behind? From above? Maybe you're someone who's always changing it up? However you like to get it in, the PDX Plus 360º Banger Masturbator is more than happy to oblige. Anywhere, anytime.

To save you from having to scroll, we'll get the size question out of the way first. This premium masturbator is just just over 7"/17.8cm long and about 13"/32.5cm wide, so it can (relatively) easily come along on your travels. Designed to be entered at just about any angle, the Banger can be held her in your hands, propped on a pillow or bent over a table. The entire toy is super-soft, but there's a satisfying firmness underneath.  

Between squeezable cheeks and rounded hips, you'll find a tight, soft-lipped pussy and snug, puckered butt. Both feature separate, massively stimulating textures inside (they join up eventually), so feel free to Bang(er) both. A closed-off design naturally creates suction as you thrust, plus, it contains the aftermath. No muss, no fuss.

In Pipedream's super-soft Fanta Flesh, the 360º Bange will cling and release like real skin - it'll even warm up as you play. Slather on lots of lube for tons of slipperiness. Clean well before and after use with lots of warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Fanta Flesh's TPR construction is ready to rock and/or roll with any favorite water based lube.

* The Banger is 7"/17.8cm long, 12.8"32.5cm wide and 14"/35.6cm high. Both pussy and ass channels are about 5"/12.7cm penetrable. Total weight is 10.80lbs
  • Orifice: Ass, Vagina
  • Special Features: Closed End Masturbator