Pleasure Poker Textured Stimulation Glove

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SKU: XR-029362 | UPC: 848518029362 | MPN: AF582 (6)

SKU: XR-029362 | UPC: 848518029362 | MPN: AF582 (6)

Sometimes, there's just absolutely nothing like the touch of a friendly hand. When things get a little beyond friendly though, you might crave a little more. Entering from stage left, the Pleasure Poker! Now, we've seen massage gloves with textured palms before, but we haven't seen a glove with a textured palm AND a different shape for every finger- until now.

Slipping over the left or right (each side is the same), the Pleasure Poker is perfect for some handy help, great for solo stroking, all kinds of finger fun, even spanking. A zig-zag tread in the center of the palm creates lots of sexy stimulation to any lucky body part, while the ribbed, smooth, nubbed, phallic, smooth and plug shaped fingers wait to dive inside.

In body safe TPE, the Pleasure Poker cleans easily with some warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam, and it's compatible with any favorite water based lube you love. Sprinkle a little pure cornstarch powder (don't use baby powder/talc please!) over the inside if you need a little help getting in on your hand.

* The Pleasure Poker measures 8" (20.3cm) in total and the widest finger point is 1" (2.5cm)
XR Brands
  • Orifice: Neutral
  • Length: 8"
  • Special Features: Closed End