Prostatic Play Explorer Silicone Cock Ring & Prostate Plug

XR Brands

Based On 15 Reviews

Prostatic Play Explorer Silicone Cock Ring & Prostate Plug

XR Brands Based On 15 Reviews

Should've gotten a long time ago (Anonymous)

This is my second attempt at a prostate toy and I must say, I hit a home run with this one. Easy to insert but getting the ring on is a bit of a task at first. I'm a bit above average in length/girth so getting this ring on took extra short manscaping and plenty of lube. Feels great once it's on and a big difference it makes. Super throbbers everytime and wife is having a blast. Orgasms are super intense, last longer and loads are epic. I bought this for the unreal sensations it produces and my wife and I were trying for our third child so I figure the monster loads would help. Thanks to the huge loads my wife is now pregnant. Only four times with this toy at peek ovulation times and it's over folks. Keep that in mind gents if your pumping loads in the money basket and do NOT want a child. HA HA! Worth every cent. Try it out, you won't regret it.

Get this now (Anonymous)

Feels great, keeps you hard, leads to very intense orgasms- you will want to wear it all day.

So glad I bought this (Anonymous)

This is my second prostate toy that I've purchased, and I have to say, this one is here to stay. The combination of the ring and massager working in tandem, really delivers a stonger more intense orgasm, and substantially larger loads. My wife and I are trying for our third baby so the epic loads hopefully will help seal the deal. I'm quite a bit above average in the package department so putting this thing on makes everything fuller and appear larger.
For everyone on the fence about buying this, just drop the 25 and try it out. Open a door to a new dimension. Make sure you manscape quite well as well. Hair pulling will happen if not trimmed up. Happy leg shaking orgasms. Shit where did I put that thing.........go time!!!!!

Product description

Its unique design enhanced by a silky, thrillingly temperature-receptive silicone surface, the Master Series Prostatic Play Explorer calls to the most adventurous of anal players, cock confinement enthusiasts and prostate pleasure seekers. Supremely sturdy and supportive, this silky silicone piece consists of a stretchy C&B ring connected with a smooth bulb angled to delve deep into the anal canal.

Very noticeably enhancing erection by restricting blood flow from the penis, the 1.5 inch (3.8cm) ring fits snugly around the shaft and testicles simultaneously. Once in place, the Explorer's curvy prostate stimulator protruding from behind can be placed into the anal opening and positioned as desired. During sex or otherwise, the deeply placed bulb will inexorably massage the prostate and sensitive surrounding areas as the ring tugs tantalizingly with movement.

Extremely hygienic and 100% skin safe, the silicone material comprising the Explorer is hypoallergenic, completely nonporous and virtually indestructible. Clean using warm soapy water or a good toy care formulation- this piece can also be sanitized in boiling water, wiped down with a bleach solution, or run through the dishwasher (top rack, low heat). Compatible with water based lubes only.

  • Length: 4.5"
  • Insertable Length: 3"
  • Girth: 3.6" at largest point
  • Width: 1.1" at largest point
  • Color: Black

SKU: XR-018878 | UPC: 848518018878 | MPN: AE389 (20)

Ratings / Reviews

LOVE it! (Michael)

I have used a butt plug and cock rings, but never have I felt such a sensation as when I used this ring&plug combo.

The ring stretches easily to encircle my penis and balls. Once on, it gives a nice, tight effect without being uncomfortable.

The plug is a great size. Its small enough to easily insert and sits comfortably within, but its big enough to let me know its there. Once in, there are innumerable different ways to enjoy. Taking a step, bending over, squatting, sitting, clenching, and, of course, thrusting, all produce a difference pleasure sense.

As an added bonus, the band that connects the two pulls on the ring and plug, while also rubbing my taint, puts this over the top.

Foreplay, intercourse, and orgasm are all more enjoyable. I get excited just thinking about the next time I will use this toy. Its comfortable enough for extended wear and hides nicely under any clothing.

Love it (Anonymous)

This thing is amazing. Makes my cock extreamly hard and feels good in my butt. My girl loves it

Hits the Spot (Anonymous)

I've really enjoyed this toy. The cock ring is comfortable and easy to get on. The anal insert provides nice sensations on the prostate. Have worn this for several hours during daily activities without any problems. Haven't yet tried this with a partner, but makes a nice addition to solo activities.

Husband loves it (Anonymous)

Bought this as a gift for my husband and he loves it. It's very comfortable to wear and provides a lot of pleasure.

Little small but still fun (Sean)

Bulb could be bigger and idk if its just me but the leash between the plug and cock ring could have been a it bigger felt like it wanted to pop out all the time but could just be me. All in all good product.

Finally (Anonymous)

Oh great, that's the one i was searching for so long. I can wear and enjoy it all the time, during shopping, working, feels great and stay's where it supposed to be.

Love it (Anonymous)

It's amazing, does everything you want

Wicked!!! (Anonymous)

Awesome product!!!! I love it!!! Every time I move it moves to!!! It's great! Not to big and a very easy to clean toy!

Constant Tug (Anonymous)

This toy is a great cock ring and each movement of your cock gets a tug from your ass. Fun with a purpose.

Love it (Anonymous)

Lovery this product feels so good fits perfectly makes cock so hard. Way quicker orgasm

Love it (Anonymous)

Feels great . Makes erection extra thick . Wife loves it. Great product. ..

Just right (Anonymous)

Loved this product not to big and not to small feels good easy to use and stayed where it's saposto. Stretchy yet firm where it's needed and I can ware it for a wile before we get wild love this