Pure Plug 2.0

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SKU: NJ-008 | UPC: 823259900071 | MPN: NJ-008 (0)

SKU: NJ-008 | UPC: 823259900071 | MPN: NJ-008 (0)

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as seen in CosmopolitanInspired by the incredible popularity of its Pure Plug family members, catering to anal players craving much more of a good (great!) thing, njoy's Pure Plug 2.0 was created to provide seamlessly versatile backdoor bliss. In medical grade stainless steel polished to a mirror finish, the Pure Plug 2.0 combines a big contoured head with a tapered stem and body-conscious handle suited to longer term wear.

Curved to anatomical proportions, the 2.0's smoothly tapered tip penetrates comfortably to admit a swollen, subtly scooped shaft that stretches and stimulates while providing a coveted 'full' sensation. The weighty steel naturally angles upward, placing pressure on anal-placed sweet spots while reminding wearers of the Pure Plug 2.0's presence. Fitting comfortably between the cheeks, the Pure Plugs 2.0's flattened handle and slim stem hold the bulb securely in place during playtime, private time or out in public.

njoy's 316 medical grade corrosion proof stainless steel material is absolutely non-porous, and can be cleaned and/or sterilized easily. Stainless steel in ultra receptive to temperature, so although the Pure Plug 2.0 will be initially cold to the touch, it will warm quickly to meet body heat. Of course if you’re partial to temperature/sensation play, a few minutes in the fridge (avoid the freezer please!) will provide a more chilly experience; and likewise a quick dip in warm water will yield a warm and sensual toy for your pleasure. About the only thing you can do to damage your lovely njoy toy is to use an abrasive to clean them, so please don’t. Compatible with all lubricant types.

* The Pure Plug 2.0 weighs 1.3lbs (600g).
  • Length: 5"
  • Insertable Length: 3.5"
  • Girth: 5" at largest point
  • Colour: Silver
Based On 72 Reviews
Pure Plug 2.0

Top notch plug

I'm fairly new to the world of plugs, so this was an ambitious purchase. I've only owned one other butt plug, which was a 5.5" silicone plug, which I was able to take without much trouble. Given that this plug is approximately that size, I figured it would be no problem. Well, it turns out the material makes a difference. Going in, this toy felt huge, and it has no give at all. However, after ten minutes or so of relaxing and coaxing, I felt the plug slide past the point of no return as my greedy ass hungrily swallowed it up to its base.

The plug feels absolutely amazing. It's weighty, has a nice shape and a comfortable handle, can be worn for long periods of time without discomfort, and is great for temperature play. The plug doesn't always hit my prostate, but when it does it feels fantastic.

I would recommend a silicone-based lube for this plug, especially for prolonged use. It won't dry up and will stay silky smooth much longer, making it much more comfortable for extended play.

Overall, I'm super happy with my purchase.

Pure Plug 2.0


I think I want to shoot just writing about this thing. The way it looks when you open the box... wow. You do need to take your time gently working it in because it is larger than it seems. But seriously the feeling of having 3 f-ing pounds of metal inside your ass pressing against your prostate is indescribable. A very worthwhile investment. I've heard of guys wearing this long term but personally have not tried... yet!

Pure Plug 2.0

It Feels So Good!

I had to warm up a bit with my NJOY medium plug and a glass dildo, then this felt so good going in. The weight is amazing and I love clenching its neck while it's in. It stays warm with some hot water to apply some heat to help me strrretchhh to get it in. Best plug I've ever tried.

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