Renegade Spade Plug in Medium

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SKU: NSN-1106-23 | UPC: 657447093814 | MPN: NSN-1106-23 (8)

SKU: NSN-1106-23 | UPC: 657447093814 | MPN: NSN-1106-23 (8)

Seriously sleek, ultra smooth and blissfully temperature-receptive, the classic Medium Spade plug from the Renegade collection of 100% silicone anal tools features a sexily tapered shape designed to inspire a comfortable, ultra stimulating, novice-friendly stretch.

Made of silky, uniformly matte silicone, the Spade increases gradually in size for exciting sensations against the anal walls with insertion- the gentle, yet definitely noticeable size change thrills without shocking the anal muscles and sphincter. A long neck tapered just under the largest point helps hold the plug in place during wear, and a wide base fits comfortably between the butt-cheeks, also acting as a safe barrier against too-deep penetration.

The silky silicone material comprising the Spade is extremely hygienic, able to be boiled or bleached for thorough sterilization. Silicone play tools are perfect for pleasure seekers with sensitive skin, it's fully hypoallergenic, odor free and tasteless. Always enjoy a great quality water based lubricant with this plug, silicone formulas should be avoided, as should contact with other soft toy materials.
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  • Length: 4"
  • Insertable Length: 3.5"
  • Girth: 4.4" at largest point
  • Width: 1.25" at largest point
  • Colour: Black
Based On 29 Reviews
Renegade Spade Plug

Very nice

I ve really enjoyed these renegade plugs. The tapered head makes it really easy to insert. It s a stiffer plug so once it is in it feels so good and this plug I have the most confidence in staying in without falling out. I have the small and medium and just ordered the large and going to try it out when it is here!

Renegade Spade Plug


Anyone who wants a good, comfortable and incredibly perfect plug shouldn't go too far off this one. It is advertised as a large but really is more between medium-large.

Just about 1.5-1.75 inch diameter, it slides perfectly in without any resistance. Since its almost seamless, its also an easy cleanup.

But the most beautiful thing about it, is how much you can wear it for hours without any discomfort (you can even run or jog and it won't ever fall out, the shape is just this perfect) and the base is small enough to no be in the way when sitting on a hard chair.

Overall, one of my most favorite plug for everyday use!

Renegade Spade Plug

tight fit

Tight fit ergonomic base fits between cheeks nicely, if you give it a squeeze it flexes but you don't have to worry about sucking it in unless your real big.

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