Short Suede Flogger in Black

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SKU: RGE-819016 | UPC: 5060404819016 | MPN: RSF1167-BK (1)

SKU: RGE-819016 | UPC: 5060404819016 | MPN: RSF1167-BK (1)

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To save on packaging, this product does not include a box.

A super soft play tool in miniature, Rouge's Short Suede Flogger features completely classic styling and a forgiving touch (that certainly has the potential for some more serious sting!). In short, this beginner-geared bondage staple is great looking, ultra manageable, and fits into tons of sexy scenarios.

A good handful of velvety suede strands are anchored securely to a firm, leather-wrapped handle that allows for precision maneuvering, tickling and teasing, or more enthusiastic flicks. A looped cord at the end of the handle helps with control even more.

In genuine leather, the Short Suede Flogger should be spot-cleaned as needed.

* The Short Suede Flogger measures approximately 14.5"/36.8cm, excluding the wrist cord
Based On 1 Reviews
Short Suede Flogger

Perfect Play

This flogger is so much fun! My wife and her girlfriend loved it. They are totally opposite of each other in sensitivity. This flogger brings both in which you can dangle it and drag around the body. Give lite thumps to the body because of it's good weight or go with a snap at the tips of leather. It's the perfect length and quality for pleasure and pain!

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