The Luxury Harness Standard Edition in Silver


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Product Description

SKU: NASS-2894 | UPC: 782631289404 | MPN: 2894 (0)

SKU: NASS-2894 | UPC: 782631289404 | MPN: 2894 (0)

Once in a while (or more often than not, depending on your strap-on routine!) you just have to buckle down and lay down the bedroom law. When that time comes, you and the The Luxury Harness Standard Edition will rule over your sexy subject(s) while looking great, feeling ultra comfy and handing you tons of penetration options! 

Fit for strap-on royalty and featuring a unique (and accessible!) crotch-less design, the Luxury Edition in shimmery silver vegan leather provides sturdy pleasure-ready stability, tons of toy compatibility and simple adjustable styling that's easy to get into and out of.

Holding comfortably around the waist, a soft faux-fur lined lined band adjusts to a perfect fit as two thin straps reach around to loop under each butt cheek. Simply tug the strap ends to adjust sizing. Around front, set perfectly mid-yoke, a fixed O-ring secures a dildo or vibe of choice into place.

Just about any dildo, vibe, plug or probe with a flanged (wide) base and a diameter of about 1.5" (3.8cm) can be slipped through the ring and steadied into position. 

In PVC and a soft poly blend, the The Luxury Harness Standard Edition can be spot-cleaned as needed. 

* The Luxury fits up to a 56" (142.24cm) waist.