Thunder Bunny Rechargeable Dual C-Ring in Black

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SKU: VEDO-756840 | UPC: 789185756840 | MPN: BU-0604 (69)

SKU: VEDO-756840 | UPC: 789185756840 | MPN: BU-0604 (69)

'Honey, I Shrunk The Vibrator!' It's something nerdy yet goodhearted inventor Wayne definitely didn't say in our favorite/the only accidental shrinking comedy of '89. Yep, we're old! But, if he had figured out that his shrinking machine worked before miniaturizing his kids (and some neighbors) into dust-sized versions of themselves, (yes, hi-jinx ensue) and if he and his frustrated wife were feeling sexy, he could have. The result, which brings us back to the point of this ramble, would be the Thunder Bunny from Vedo.

Shrinking the beloved rabbit vibe down to a wearable, perfectly couple-friendly size, the Thunder Bunny Rechargeable Dual C-Ring combines a classic vibrating enhancer with flickering bunny ears, a double ring that can be worn a few ways, and ten modes of steady, pulsating and escalating stimulation.

In supremely velvety silicone, the dual ring fits comfortably and securely around the base of the penis and balls, holding tight to enhance erection strength and overall stamina. Meanwhile, that full-coverage bunny stimulator will be buzzing and throbbing against the clitoris or perineum (depending on how you wear it) of your playmate. 

10 rumbly modes of vibration start up with a push of a button placed to the side of the bunny tickler - it's within easy reach of either partner during sex. Fully rechargeable, the Thunder Bunny powers up using an included USB charge cord. 

The Thunder Bunny's durable, hypoallergenic and ultra hygienic silicone is perfect for pleasure seekers with sensitive skin, and it sterilizes and cleans up effortlessly. Use a great water based lube with this toy, if needed, to keep the material at its very best, but please avoid contact with silicone lubes and other silicone toys. Waterproof.

* The Thunder Bunny stretches from approximately 1.25"/3.2cm (main ring) and 2" (5.08cm) ball ring
Based On 4 Reviews
Thunder Bunny Rechargeable Dual C-Ring

Amazing and fast

Love this product!!! Works very well and super fast results!!

Thunder Bunny Rechargeable Dual C-Ring

Thunder down Under

For starters, I usually don't review but after trying out our new purchase and finding ourselves out of breath, how could I not share this info? It's heavy and when you put it on you immediately feel the weight. Then she reaches down and turns it on. I became a living vibrator, Every thing is thundering, The ring that goes around my balls gives a feeling like I've never before felt. When we connected, Both of us couldn't speak. This does as much for her as it did for me. A true couples toy! Even if it was just myself, I'd love this toy. Now don't read anymore, just buy it because you won't look back!

Thunder Bunny Rechargeable Dual C-Ring


For starters I m not usually one to write reviews at all haha, me and my boyfriend got this to try and experiment and we are obsessed with this cock ring!! Almost every time we use it I cum so many times and he loves the vibe down there. This is a must have for sure if you want to try something new with your partner!

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