Turbo Glider Vibe in Blueberry


4.5 Based On 28 Reviews

Turbo Glider Vibe in Blueberry

CalExotics Based On 28 Reviews

oooo (Candy)

super fun shape


Turbo Alright!!!!! This vibrator is SOOOOOOOO Amazing!!!!!! It brings me to my knees & makes me Sqiggle and Squirm

Amazing Clit Stimulation!!!!! (1980 baby)

This is my 1st vibrator and In absolutely BLOWN AWAY!!!Its not great to use internally but it makes up for it with the amazing and QUICK ORGASMS from clitoral stimulation ALONE!!!!!Buy this ladies***you want be sorry!!!!!

Product description

The Turbo Glider vibe is a classic, powerful vibe that has everything that you need and want out of a toy. The tip is round, curvy and tapered for smooth insertion and pinpoint clitoral stimulation. The phthalate free, nonporous plastic material is firm and sturdy, so the Glider stays right where you put it for precise pleasure. At 7 1/2 inches of insertable length, the Glider will definitely satisfy. This sturdy little vibe is perfect for beginners and the experienced alike. It's completely waterproof, and can be used with any type of lube you like. Takes 2 AA batteries (sold separately).

  • Length: 7.5"
  • Insertable Length: 7.5"
  • Girth: 4" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic
  • Power Source: Batteries
  • Battery: 2 x AA Batteries
  • Special Features: Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Waterproof
  • Color: Blue

SKU: CE-0562-12-2 | UPC: 716770021700 | MPN: SE-0562-12-2 (2)

Ratings / Reviews


This is my 1st vibrator and I absolutely love it!!!! Its awesome for clitoral stimulation! Its also very easy to clean!


This lil innocent pretty vibe really did a # on my clit!!!!!!!Ohhhhhhh My God!!!!! I swear I'm wondering if I need restraints on when I or my fiancé use it on me!!!!!!If you want the ultimate clitoral "BIG O" then buy this!!!!It gives ULTIMATE PLEASURE for a terrific price!!You won't be able to sit,lay or stand still

Just. WOW (Anonymous)

I've had this particular vibe for years and years, and it's never once failed me. The low to incredibly strong vibration is wonderful, (though I'm partial to the high setting for clit stimulation!) and it's great in the shower. Actually replacing with the same model it's so good!

Strong, but very loud (Fodra)

I was surprised at how strong this vibe is, it certainly is effective at its job. However, it is very loud, I could hear it outside my door, but only just in front of the door when the house was silent. I make sure I have some sound to make sure it doesn't draw any attention. I've also found that it has a big jump in the volume level when it hits the absolute highest, so I avoid using it when there's a chance someone could walk in. One other thing is that the o-ring used to make this waterproof is not big enough to let it be submerged, I found a few drops of water inside when I tested it, but it hasn't had that issue when I'm washing it, so it should be safe for shower use. Aside from that, it is a nice vibe, particularly for its low price and sheer strength compared to other in the same price range.

Yes pls! (Heather)

I bought this little gem in 2010 and omg I love it
For me it’s perfect for gspot stimulation and for making me squirt cause it hits all the right spots it glides perfectly and it’s not too big but not small
I just recently replaced it with a new one, the old one lasted 7 years of almost daily use before I killed RIP my friend.
I would recommend it, AND it can be nice anal play as well

Yum (Nicole)

This is a very good toy. It does glide into you easily as it is a very smooth material and slides smoothly once "wet". The vibe starts at a good level and gets even stronger the more you turn it up. Only down side to me is that the vibe is a little louder than comfortable if you are trying to be discrete.

Powerful (K)

The vibes are great for outer stimulation but too small got inner stimulation. Great starter, not for experienced people.


This is my 4th one because I wear out the twist thing at the end. Best hard shell vibe I have ever used and the balls are in just the right place to hit your g spot for internal action. BEST purchase ever.


This was one of my first toys and boy is it my favourite! A nice rumbly adjustible vibro, smooth and can be used internally or externally! Not as loud as you think.

love it! (Anonymous)

this vibrator works great! holds a charge for a super long time, i havent had to change the batteries at all yet, and its nice that they are AA's. the shape of it is super effective and i think it works great for clitoral use too, the little end piece works great for that.

Stiffy (Anonymous)

This vibrator is very hard and smaller than expected. The highest vibration setting is decent, but not as powerful as I was hoping for. Overall great to use for clit stimulation.

Stiff (Anonymous)

This vibrator is powerful enough for clit stimulation. It is very hard, I rarely use it internally.

Wow (Anonymous)

Very powerful toy, the vibrations are mindblowing. A bit noiser than other vibrators, but still worth the sensations.

just..wow (Anonymous)

I had used a similar product prior to purchasing this gem at a cost more than 3times what I paid for this vibe. It's great for external stimulation and during penetration. The overall shape makes it incredibly versatile for him and her and the varying degrees of vibration can take you from mmmhmmm to o! In a matter of seconds. Highly recommend the turbo glider vibe!

Love love love!! (Trish)

Love everything about this vibe! Great in the shower, excellent for clit stimulation. Very impressed. I highly recommend this :)

i love it! (Anonymous)

I got this one and the raspberry one and i would definitely recommend them! i am VERY pleased with them and they will most definitely be put to use ;)

Best Vibrator! (Anonymous)

I've tried other vibrators.. this one is the best. Hits all the good spots, and keeps going! it's well worth the little money it costs!

Gets the job done!!! (Anonymous)

I can take hour and hours to climax if I don't have a good vibrator and this thing made me orgasm in 4 minutes flat!! I wish it wasn't such hard plastic though cause if u press too hard on your clit it hurts more then it pleasures. Over all very pleased.

A must have! (Kris)

This little gem right here is wellll worth the fantastic price. It is an average size, but the different sized bulbs on it are for maximum pleasure. Bought it to give it a try, and boy this is a powerful one! Absolutely love it, it's my go to toy and I would recommend it in a heart beat!

Worth more than the money (Impressed)

This is a great inexpensive toy. The unique design of the tip lets you get in where it counts. The only down side I found is that it is not as quiet as I would like, but overall, it does it's job very nicely.

Cheap Thrills are still Thrills (Scarlet)

I actually bought a more sophisticated rabbit style vibrator recently and found that if I spent ten more dollars I'd get free shipping, therefore, picked up this cheap $11 blueberry Turbo Glider as a nice little extra.  And I have to say I love it.  It is - dare I say - cute to look at, a pleasing shape and it feels great. The vibration settings go from mild to oh-my-god at a mere turn of the base.   The intense setting is pretty strong and being plastic I find the vibrations to be stronger than most silicone or jelly type toys.  For a cheap add on purchase, this little Turbo Glider is proving to be a keeper!  If you want an inexpensive, fun little toy that brings a big amount of pleasure, you cant go wrong with this baby.  Remember ladies, a Turbo clitoris is a happy clitoris!

Can I give it 10 stars? (VagaBondage)

Okay, first of all, I did expect it to be a bit bigger judging by the photos here, so do be warned that its pretty average-sized---but don't let that dissuade you, because oh my God, this vibe is absolutely perfect. The shape of it feels great everywhere, and the multi-speed vibrations are located right below the tip, so this vibe will give one of the best clit massages you've ever had. Lastly, its supposed to be waterproof, and while I haven't tried it out in the tub yet, for what its worth the base cap does seems to be quite secure. For the incredible price, do yourself a favour and pick this up!

OK (Not Impressed)

After all of the awesome reviews I expected a little more from it.   Pros:  Super cheap, its an interesting shape, works great as a dildo or internal vibrator. Cons:  When I used it externally, I found the vibrations really irritating.  Its also listed as waterproof, but after testing it in the shower, I noticed that water got into the dial used to turn the speed up or down.  

Great item for the price! (annonymous)

This baby will give you intense vibrating power!! And it's super easy to clean.

Great item for the price! (annonymous)

This baby will give you intense vibrating power!! And it's super easy to clean.