Unisex Blindfold

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SKU: EE-042793 | UPC: 4890808042793 | MPN: LF1325 (9)

SKU: EE-042793 | UPC: 4890808042793 | MPN: LF1325 (9)

Enhancing just about any play scenario with its sense-heightening black-out potential, Lux Fetish's Unisex Blindfold represents a perfectly contoured version of a complete classic.

Fitting snugly and securely over the eyes and securing around back with hardy velcro, the supple, rounded mask hugs the curves of the face, effectively blocking light and sight from the wearer's experience. Sized generously to fit most and subtly stretchy for ultimate comfort, the Blindfold fits up to approximately 7 inches (38cm) of head diameter.

Lux Fetish
Based On 6 Reviews


Fit my husbands head well. Covers well! Much better than a tie ;)


Great Little Blindfold

I really like it, the velcro helps adjust the size and it fits well over the nose and doesn't create spaces to peek from.



Great little product for the price. Simple to use lightweight and comfortable. Great for entry level bondage or just a little mystery and surprise.

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