Black & Red Suede Flogger

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SKU: XR-032393 | UPC: 848518032393 | MPN: IS114 (0)

SKU: XR-032393 | UPC: 848518032393 | MPN: IS114 (0)

Soft, sexy strands of genuine leather and a sturdy braided handle for perfect control over flicks, licks and whips come together in Mistress Isabella Sinclaire's namesake Black & Red Suede Flogger. 

How you and your willing mate choose to use the Flogger is up to you and the play scenario at hand - it can be teasingly dragged along your playmates skin as foreplay (perhaps with the addition of a blindfold to intensify sensation?) but when things get a little more serious, the suede strands can dole out some serious sting! 

The Flogger's firm handle fits perfectly in hand, intensifying your intimidating stance and making sure you're always in control. Play safe, friends!

*The Black & Red Suede Flogger is 30" (76.2cm) in total, the suede falls make up 22" (55.9cm) of that.  
XR Brands
Based On 1 Reviews
Black & Red Suede Flogger

a staple

This is a great staple to have - its soft suede feels great and the handle is sturdy, can really get a good sting in too ;)

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