Adjustable Nipple Clips

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I really like these.

I really like these. I've never had nipple clamps before. They're useful for hands free nipple stimulation. I especially like tugging on the chain.


Pleasure or pain.

The adjustable screws, which adjust the tension, enables the user the option to give both pleasure and pain. The chain holding the clamps together is a slight bit thicker and is one of the better ones I've seen.


Look fantastic

Adjustable for my sensitive nipples and yet look absolutely pinchy perfect! I like them way more than I thought I would.

Product description

Sinfully sexy, fully customizable as to the level of pinch and perfectly user friendly, suited to any level of experience, Lux Fetish's classic Adjustable Nipple Clamps grip tight to chosen erotic areas, thrilling with inexorable pressure.

Tipped in softer black rubber, the high quality metal Clamps tighten easily with a twist of a screw atop each. Joined by a pleasantly weighty 14 inch (36cm) length of shiny silver chain, the tug of the clamps will intensify naturally along with movement as it dangles and swings. Spot clean

* Clamps adjust to .6 inches (1.5cm) wide, easily fitting most.

SKU: EE-109014 | UPC: 4890808109014 | MPN: LF5204 (0)

SKU: EE-109014  |  UPC: 4890808109014 |  MPN: LF5204 (0)

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Pleasant Surprise

I wasn't planning on buying these, but they were relatively inexpensive and I was tired of breaking clothespins, so I grabbed some. They were lovely. Easy to use, pleasantly weighty, and you can adjust the pressure with the screws to you or your partner's pain tolerance. Kind of a staple for the toy box.


Love it

I will definitely be getting more as this product is exceptional for a beginner


New favourite

This was my first set of nipple clamps, now I consider them a must have in my collection. Love the adjustable screws, and the chain is nice for pulling adding to the nipple play. The only issue is they sometimes slip off but that sensation can be amazing too.



Nice construction. The ability to adjust the tension for use on male and female nipples is fantastic. Only used once, at the time of writing, but definitely does the job.


Nice sensation

The chain is sexy to look at and lightly tug.
It is nice to adjust the pressure with the adjustable clips. The soft plastic tips are ok but they sometimes slip off the metal and get hidden in the bed sheets. Otherwise enjoyable product.


Perfect for both

I like that the grip is not too rough because my nipples are sensitive and I also like to use it on my intimate lips.


very good

Very good quality, could be a little tighter



These are so nice to use!!!! Highly recommend these to everyone! Great for beginners and advanced users. The chain makes it really fun to tug and pull on! Makes for great pictures too.


Very enjoyable

First time user and I liked them very much. My boyfriend was a bit nervous about them mostly did not want to hurt me but after a little convincing he had a lot of fun tugging on the chain. Lots and lots of fun to be had with these


not bad

for the price they are good. Don't hold too well, tend to slip a bit, but on the whole ok. I would have gotten weightier ones



Very nice. Versatile and easily adjustable. They're pretty big and heavy, though. If you're looking for something dainty, these aren't for you.