Ouch! Diamond Studded Flogger

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SKU: SHOTS-544501 | UPC: 7423522544501 | MPN: OU576BLK (0)

SKU: SHOTS-544501 | UPC: 7423522544501 | MPN: OU576BLK (0)

Ever felt like your whip collection could be a little more sparkly? Wielding a whip is never boring, we know, but sometimes, maybe you crave some eye candy to go along with playtime? Luckily, the Ouch! Diamond Studded Flogger has that particular need fully and completely covered with a gorgeous take on a total classic.

Petite and swishy, this little luxury Flogger can tickle, slaps and (playfully) sting, all depending on how you choose to use it. Grab hold of the vintage-inspired crystal handle and let those soft faux leather tails fall where they may.

In black faux leather and glass, the Ouch! Diamond Studded Flogger can be easily spot-cleaned as needed.

* Ouch! Diamond Studded Flogger is about 12.9"/33cm) long
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Based On 1 Reviews
Ouch! Diamond Studded Flogger

The perfect punishment

A luxurious and stunning flogger that is great for punishing my submissives

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