Pain Medieval 34 Inch Braided Leather Flogger

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SKU: SHOTS-540596 | UPC: 7423522540596 | MPN: MDV004 (2)

SKU: SHOTS-540596 | UPC: 7423522540596 | MPN: MDV004 (2)

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To save on packaging, this product does not include a box.

We're pretty sure we can guess what your reaction will be when setting eyes (and more) on the Medieval 34 Inch Braided Leather Flogger from Shots' Pain collection. It will either be 'no way!' or 'ohhhh yeah!' If you're in the second category, you'll love the great-looking leather styling and crave all the stinging sensation it's obviously capable of delivering. If you're in the 'no way!' school of thought, take a closer look.

Although it definitely, 100% holds the potential for some intense and very pleasurable (consensual!) pain, this play tool can also feel light as a feather- it all depends on the person wielding it. A hefty handful of broad, flat-tipped leather tails can flick, flip or crack -  they'll tickle and tease with a softer stroke or bite and sting with a harder one. In either case, control is easy, this Pain piece fits comfortably and securely in your/their hand thanks to a gorgeous leather laced handle and looped wrist strap.

In genuine leather, the Pain Medieval 34 Inch Leather Flogger should be spot cleaned as needed. Please use a good leather care product to keep it in tip top shape.

*The Flogger is about 34"/86.3cm in total length. The handle is approximately 12"/30.5cm and the tails are about 22"/55.9cm
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